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Airbag Fabric Spreading Machine

    RPAP-0-1-6000×2800-G-MLP3×1000-CBT, AR, B×6-3P380

  • SpeedMaximum machine speed in linear movement 120m/min.
SRS fabric
Product Video
Product Introduction

1. Feeding with two fabric rolls working circularly-another fabric goes on to work after one fabric roll runs out. Reduce fabric reloading time and increase work efficiency.

2. Can spread two different kinds of fabric, two independent edge alignment feature. It can switch freely between two spreading ways ( single-layer or double-layer ) in a working program, can store 100 working programs.

3. The cutting knife uses bidirectional cutting function, reducing working time and increasing work efficiency.

4. Remaining fabric detection function, able to set the alarming percentage, it alarms when reaches the percentage.

5. Cycle working time is 15s while spreading 8m fabric.

Product Parameters

RPAP-0-1-6000×2800-G-MLP3×1000-CBT, AR, B×6-3P380

Speed Maximum machine speed in linear movement 120m/min.