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Richpeace Automatic Spreading Machine for Large Fabric Roll

RPSM-NM-1-28800×3000-C-KW100-AFT24, EGT28.8, A, GT57.6-3P380
  • VoltageThree phase 380V, 50Hz
Suitable for fabric spreading with various type of fabric roll in extra large diameter or extra heavy roll.
Product Video
Product Introduction

1. Support fabric roll with extra large diameter, capable to handle roll diameter up to 1.5 meters fabric roll. 

2. Support extra heavy fabric roll, capable to handle within 2000 KG total weight fabric roll. 

3. Support fabric remaining detection, when no fabric feeding in, machine stopped automatically. 

4. Evenly fabric feeding force and delivery fabric, not require addition stretching force applied for the entire process.

5. Feasible with either one way spreading or zigzag spreading. Electronic control system for zigzag spreading, ensure firmly pressed the edges, in order to higher the spreading accuracy.

Product Parameters
Model RPSM-NM-1-28800×3000-C-KW100-AFT24, EGT28.8, A, GT57.6-3P380
Power Supply Three phase 380V, 50Hz
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Online Consultant