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Company Introduction

TIANJIN RICHPEACE AI CO., LIMITED was established in 2006 and has started into operation since 2007; in 2018, jointly held by Shang Gong Group Co., Ltd (shares of 65%) and Shenzhen Yingning Investment Co., Ltd (shares of 20%) and Tianjin Samehere Software Co., Ltd (shares of 15%).

TIANJIN RICHPEACE AI CO., LIMITED is located in Baodi Economic Development Park which covers 75.5 thousand square meters and 46.9 thousand square meters construction area.

There are five wholly-owned subsidiaries of TIANJIN RICHPEACE AI CO., LIMITED, they are: Shenzhen Richforever (CAD Software), Tianjin Richforever (CAM Software), Tianjin Richpeace Trading(import & export trade), Tianjin Baofu labor service (labor service) and Richpeace AI Co., Limited (Hongkong RPAI).

Richpeace owns software, computer, electric control, mechanical, laser, intelligent the six core technology and integrates R & D, production and sales.

Richpeace is a world-wide famous brand which has registered in more than 60 countries and registered all categories in China.

Richpeace has passed ISO 9001 Quality Management System  nine years in a row, quality policy is: Manufacturing World advanced products, provide customer satisfaction services, continuous improvement management system, constantly improve product quality.

Richpeace has gone through ISO 14001 Environmental Protection System Certification and ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety System Certification. The management policy is: all production to safety, all work to health, all emissions to environmental protection.

Richpeace and its wholly-owned subsidiaries hold more than 200 patents and more than 50 software copyrights.

Richpeace is director of China Sewing Machines Association, China Textile Machinery Association, China National Garment Association, China Knitting Industry Association, China Home Textile Association, China Furniture Association, China Nonwovens & Industrial Textiles Association, executive director of China Textile and Apparel Education Society and vice president of Shenzhen Textile Industry Association, Tianjin Garment Chamber of Commerce and Shenzhen Software Industry Association.

Richpeace is National high-tech enterprises, National Intellectual Property Rights Enterprises, China Top 100 Light Industry Enterprises.

Richpeace won dozens of Science & Technology Progress Award issued by China National Textile and Apparel Council, China Light Industry Council, Tianjin Government and Shenzhen Government.

Richpeace four development strategy: supreme product, segmentation, innovation, brand. 

Richpeace vision: dedicated to "cutting + sewing" the two technology of soft material used industry to realize soft manufacturing step by step. By supplying software, computer, electric control, devices, accessories, whole machines, customized machine and production lines to customers, innovating and promoting manufacturing capacity of traditional industry to realize targets of computerized design, automatic production and information management with final target is to be a elegant and world-wide equipment supplier for "cutting + sewing" industry 4.0.

Richpeace products:Richpeace products have covered the flexible materials cutting (knife cutting, laser cutting, ultrasonic cutting...), sewing (shuttle, no shuttle, Ultrasonic welding...) the full range of applications of technology, including CAD software series, CAD hardware machine, spreading & cutting equipment, laser equipment, sewing equipment, embroidery equipment, quilting machine, ultrasonic equipment, industrial engineering, and electric control system these ten series.

1. Cutting

1. CAD software (fabric design, garment design and technology, luggage design and technology, shoes technology, sweater design and technology, embroidery design and technology, template design and technology, sewing design and technology, fabric spreading, cutting plan, laser cutting) 3d ultrasonic cutting, needle drawing process, 3d turning 2D, simulation sewing.

2. Digitizer, camera digitizer, scanner digitizer.

3. Vertical plotter, vertical cutting machine, vertical jet cutting machine.

4. Vertical plotter, flatbed cutter, vertical cutter plotter, needle draft machine.

5. Template milling machine.

6. Carton cutting/folding machine.

7. Real leather cutting machine (various sizes, photographic identification).

8. 3-in-1 computerized cutting machine (Straight knife, round knife, electric vibration knife, air vibration knife).

9. Automatic fabric spreading machine (woven and knitted fabric model, special tubular fabric model).

10. Laser template cutting machine

11. Super Large Automatic cloth spreading machine (for home textile).

12. Automatic Draper (multi-layer material synchronous, special for automobile, special for aerospace).

13. Computerized cutting machine (1cm model, 3cm model, 6cm model & 9cm model).

14. Laser cutting machine (any size).

15. Laser engraving & cutting machine (Single head, double head and four heads photography function).

16. Laser template cutting machine.

17. Laser double-heads flight cutting machine (special for automotive  airbag).

18. Laser continuous material cutting (for jeans only).

19. Laser template cutting machine (for automotive sunroof materials).

20. Automatic identification and positioning of laser cutting machine (automotive windscreen).

21. 3D Robot ultrasonic cutting.

22. Automotive Wiring Heating-Tap Adhesive -Cutting  line.

23. Automotive seat punching-compound-sewing line.

24. Quilt Cover, Quilt Core.

25. Surgical Mask Machine.

26. Foldable Respirator (N95) Mask Machine.

27. Cup Mask Machine.

28. Fish Type Mask Machine.

29. Duck mouth mask production line.

30. Mask-related machinery and equipments (earloop/head band welding machine, Mask making machine, edge sealing machine, bagging machine, valve attaching machine, noseclip attaching /sponge attaching machine, Printing Machine, pad printing machine, appearance detection machine).

2. Sewing

1. Automatic template sewing machine (arm structure, bridge structure, single head, multi-heads, dual colors, bar tacking, non-stop, double working stations, edge rotary sewing, zig-zag sewing, continuous sewing, precise sewing, turning head sewing).

2. Industrial sewing machine (sequin, coiling, sewing-perforation , jeans pocket dual colors).

3. Customized sewing machine (sunroof curtain sewing, wire heating seat sewing, seat cover sewing, airbag sewing, automotive interior sewing, wall insulation material sewing, cleaning mattress sewing, environmental filter material sewing, hanging tool material sewing, medical gauze sewing and related equipments).

4. Computerized embroidery machine (flat embroidery, cap embroidery, sequin embroidery, tracing cording embroidery, tuft stitches embroidery, coiling embroidery, chenille embroidery, 3D embroidery, 5-in-1 functions embroidery and related equipments).

5. Computerized quilting machine (frame model, continuous quilting model, quilting & embroidery model, edges sewing machine, edges covering machine, chain stitch quilting machine, shuttle quilting machine, lock stitch multi-needles quilting machine and related equipments ).

6. Ultrasonic equipments (spot ironing machine, rhinestone machine, motif machine, cutting machine).

7. Fully automatic production line: wire wiring, quilt core, mattress, shirt, plush (embroidered) toys,surgical mask machine, foldable respirator machine, cup mask machine ,Fish Type machine and Duck style Machine.

8. Intelligent equipment: stamping machine, adhesive tape machine, face mask appearance detection, Children Quilt (Cartoon Pattern) quilting machine.

Richpeace customers has covered clothing (garments, cap & shoes, luggage), living (home textile, furniture, furnishing ) and traveling (automotive, ship, aerospace)  and medicals (medical masks and protective clothing) the four main industry and more than 100 countries and in each segment industry, there is representative customer who has built long-term and good corporation relationship.

In order to promote market and service customers well:

1. There are branches in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang,Xinjiang, Beijing,Shanxi, DongGuan, Shenzhen, Zhengzhou, Xian and Sichuan, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

2. There are offices in North America, Europe,Japan, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan.