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  Company Introduction

  TIANJIN RICHPEACE AI CO., LIMITED was established in 2006 and has started into operation since 2007; in 2018, jointly held by Shang Gong Group Co., Ltd(shares of 65%) and Shenzhen Yingning Investment Co., Ltd (shares of 20%) and Tianjin Samehere Software Co., Ltd(shares of 15%).

  TIANJIN RICHPEACE AI CO., LIMITED is located in Baodi Economic Development Park which covers 75.5 thousand square meters and 46.9 thousand square meters construction area.

  There are five wholly-owned subsidiaries of TIANJIN RICHPEACE AI CO., LIMITED, they are: Shenzhen Richforever (CAD Software), Tianjin Richforever (CAM Software), Tianjin Richpeace Trading(import & export trade), Tianjin Baofu labor service (labor service) and Richpeace AI Co., Limited (Hongkong RPAI).

  Richpeace owns software, computer, electric control, mechanical, laser, intelligent the six core technology and integrates R & D, production and sales.

  Richpeace is a world-wide famous brand which has registered in more than 60 countries and registered all categories in China.

  Richpeace has passed ISO9001 Quality Management System  nine years in a row, quality policy is: Manufacturing World advanced products, provide customer satisfaction services, continuous improvement management system, constantly improve product quality.

  Richpeace has gone through ISO14001 Environmental Protection System Certification and ISO45001 Occupational Health and Safety System Certification. The management policy is: all production to safety, all work to health, all emissions to environmental protection.

  All products have passed the CE security certification.

  It holds more than 500 patents and more than 50 software copyrights.

  Richpeace is director of China Sewing Machines Association, China Textile Machinery Association, China National Garment Association, China Knitting Industry Association, China Home Textile Association, China Furniture Association, China Nonwovens & Industrial Textiles Association, executive director of China Textile and Apparel Education Society and vice president of Shenzhen Textile Industry Association, Tianjin Garment Chamber of Commerce and Shenzhen Software Industry Association.

  Richpeace is National high-tech enterprises, National Intellectual Property Rights Enterprises, China Top 100 Light Industry Enterprises

  Richpeace won dozens of Science & Technology Progress Award issued by China National Textile and Apparel Council, China Light Industry Council, Tianjin Government and Shenzhen Government.

  Richpeace four development strategy: supreme product, segmentation, innovation, brand. 

  Richpeace vision: dedicated to "cutting + sewing" the two technology of soft material used industry to realize soft manufacturing step by step. By supplying software, computer, electric control, devices, accessories, whole machines, customized machine and production lines to customers, innovating and promoting manufacturing capacity of traditional industry to realize targets of computerized design, automatic production and information management with final target is to be a elegant and world-wide equipment supplier for "cutting + sewing" industry 4.0.

  Richpeace products:Richpeace products have covered the flexible materials cutting (knife cutting, laser cutting, ultrasonic cutting...) , sewing (shuttle, no shuttle, Ultrasonic welding...) the full range of applications of technology, including CAD software series, version room equipment, cutting equipment, laser equipment, sewing equipment, embroidery equipment, quilting equipment, mask making equipment, protective clothing equipment, computer control, altogether 10 series.

  一. Cutting

  1. CAD software(fabric design, garment design and technology, luggage design and technology, shoes technology, sweater design and technology, embroidery design and technology, template design and technology, sewing design and technology, fabric spreading, cutting plan, laser cutting)  3d ultrasonic cutting, needle drawing process, 3d turning 2D, simulation sewing..

  2. Digitizer, camera digitizer, scanner digitizer.

  3. Vertical plotter, vertical cutting machine, vertical jet cutting machine.

  4. Vertical plotter, flatbed cutter, vertical cutter plotter, needle draft machine.

  5. Template milling machine.

  6. Carton cutting/folding machine.

  7. Real leather cutting machine(various sizes, photographic identification).

  8. 3-in-1 computerized cutting machine(Straight knife, round knife, electric vibration knife, air vibration knife).

  9. Automatic fabric spreading machine(woven and knitted fabric model, special tubular fabric model).

  10. Laser template cutting machine

  11. Super Large Automatic cloth spreading machine (for home textile).

  12. Automatic Draper (multi-layer material synchronous, special for automobile, special for aerospace).

  13. Computerized cutting machine(1 cm model, 3cm model, 6cm model&9cm model).

  14. Laser cutting machine(any size).

  15. Laser engraving & cutting machine(Single head, double head and four heads photography function).

  16. Laser template cutting machine.

  17. Laser double-heads flight cutting machine (special for automotive  airbag).

  18. Laser continuous material cutting (for jeans only).

  19. Laser template cutting machine (for automotive sunroof materials).

  20. Automatic identification and positioning of laser cutting machine (automotive windscreen).

  21. 3D Robot ultrasonic cutting.

  22. Automotive Wiring Heating-Tap Adhesive -Cutting  line.

  23. Automotive seat punching-compound-sewing line.

  24. Quilt Cover, Quilt Core.

  25. Surgical Mask Machine.

  26. Foldable Respirator(N95) Mask Machine.

  27. Cup Mask Machine.

  28. Fish Type Mask Machine.

  29. Duck mouth mask production line.

  30. Mask-related machinery and equipments (earloop/head band welding machine, Mask making machine, edge sealing machine, bagging machine, valve attaching machine, noseclip attaching /sponge attaching machine, Printing Machine, pad printing machine, appearance detection machine).

  二. Sewing

  1. Automatic template sewing machine(arm structure, bridge structure, single head, multi-heads, dual colors, bar tacking, non-stop, double working stations, edge rotary sewing, zig-zag sewing, continuous sewing, precise sewing, turning head sewing).

  2. Industrial sewing machine(sequin, coiling, sewing-perforation , jeans pocket dual colors).

  3. Customized sewing machine(sunroof curtain sewing, wire heating seat sewing, seat cover sewing, airbag sewing, automotive interior sewing, wall insulation material sewing, cleaning mattress sewing, environmental filter material sewing, hanging tool material sewing, medical gauze sewing and related equipments).

  4. Computerized embroidery machine(flat embroidery, cap embroidery, sequin embroidery, tracing cording embroidery, tuft stitches embroidery, coiling embroidery, chenille embroidery, 3D embroidery, 5-in-1 functions embroidery and related equipments).

  5. Computerized quilting machine(frame model, continuous quilting model, quilting & embroidery model, edges sewing machine, edges covering machine, chain stitch quilting machine, shuttle quilting machine, lock stitch multi-needles quilting machine and related equipments ).

  6. Ultrasonic equipments(spot ironing machine, rhinestone machine, motif machine, cutting machine).

  7. Fully automatic production line: wire wiring, quilt core, mattress, shirt, plush (embroidered) toys,surgical mask machine, foldable respirator machine, cup mask machine ,Fish Type machine and Duck style Machine.

  8. Intelligent equipment: stamping machine, adhesive tape machine, face mask appearance detection, Children Quilt (Cartoon Pattern) quilting machine.

  Richpeace customers has covered clothing (garments, cap & shoes, luggage), living (home textile, furniture, furnishing ) and traveling (automotive, ship, aerospace)  and medicals (medical masks and protective clothing) the four main industry and more than 100 countries and in each segment industry, there is representative customer who has built long-term and good corporation relationship.

  In order to promote market and service customers well:

  1. There are branches in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang,Xinjiang, Beijing,Shanxi, DongGuan,Shenzhen,Zhengzhou, Xian and Sichuan.

  2. There are offices in North America, Europe,Japan,Vietnam, India, Bangladesh,Pakistan,Honghong and Taiwan.

  Development History


  TIANJIN RICHPEACE COMPUTER & MACHINERY CO., LTD was identified as a high-tech enterprise on September 9, 2009 and passed the review on September 7, 2012 and December 8, 2015.

  On June 7, 2010,TIANJIN RICHPEACE wholly established TIANJIN RICHPEACE TRADING CO., LTD(www.richpeacetrade.com). mainly engaged in import and export business.

  On June 25, 2010, the title sponsor sponsored the national vocational college skills competition (the costume design and production skills of the secondary vocational group) (for eight consecutive years).

  In December 2010, V8.0 of "Richpeace" apparel CAD online version software of Shenzhen Richforever technology co., ltd. was identified as "excellent software product in China".

  In mid-june 2011, TIANJIN RICHPEACE was identified as "enterprise technology center of tianjin".

  On September 5, 2011, TIANJIN RICHPEACE COMPUTER & MACHINERY CO., LTD Passed iso9001:2008 quality management system review and obtained the quality management system certification certificate. It passed the examination of replacement certificate in 2013 and 2016, and was upgraded to iso9001:2015 quality management system in 2017.

  Passed iso9001:2008 quality management system review and obtained the quality management system certification certificate. It passed the examination of replacement certificate in 2013 and 2016, and was upgraded to iso9001:2015 quality management system in 2017.

  On July 17, 2011, "computer laser cutting and embroidery all-in-one machine" was identified as "international advanced" and "low-noise large multi-head high-speed computer embroidery machine" was identified as "international advanced".

  In May 2012, the project "development and industrialization of high-speed large scale computer embroidery machine" was identified as "national torch program industrialization demonstration project" by the ministry of science and technology.

  The digital control system of industrial sewing machine quilting machine (QB/T 4307-2012) issued on May 24, 2012 (the standard was implemented on November 1, 2012).

  On August 27, 2012, the company wholly purchased shenzhen yingruiheng, specializing in the research, development, production and sales of CAD software.

  On Feb.25, 2013 "computer embroidery machine" of Richpeace brand was identified as Tianjin famous brand product (valid from 2012 to 2015, valid from November 10, 2016, and confirmed again, valid from 2015 to 2018).

  On March 16, 2013, it was first named and sponsored the final of "national top ten garment pattern maker competition" (it has been five years in a row).

  On August 27, 2013, the "Richpeace garment template sewing system" was identified as the "international leading" result.

  On September 26, 2013, "Richpeace garment template sewing system" was awarded the first prize of "CISMA2013 excellent new product" by China sewing machinery association.

  On November 11, 2013, "Richpeace L2000 large rotating shuttle multi-needle quilter" was identified as the "international leading" result.

  On August 18, 2014, "Automatic template sewing system" won the second prize of "textile light of China textile industry federation scientific and technological award 2014".

  In August 2014, "automatic template sewing system" and "L2000 high-speed multi-needle quilting machine" won the "excellent scientific and technological achievement award" in the evaluation of excellent scientific and technological papers and achievements in the Chinese clothing industry.

  On January 12, 2015, the invention patent "high-speed arbitrary interstitching computer embroidery machine control system" was awarded "China patent excellence award" by the state intellectual property office.

  On January 30, 2015, Richpeace brand "industrial computer quilter" was identified as "tianjin famous brand product".

  On September 23, 2015, "Non-stop automatic single-head sewing machine" was rated as "first prize of CISMA2015 excellent theme exhibit" by China sewing machinery association.

  On November 24, 2015, "Richpeace computer laser cutting and embroidery all-in-one machine" won the "third prize of scientific and technological progress" of tianjin municipal people's government;

  On November 27, 2015, the invention patent "automatic template sewing machine" was awarded the first prize of "excellent patent award of sewing machinery association" by China sewing machinery association.

  On December 16, 2015, "academician expert workstation" was approved by tianjin science and technology association.

  On February 25, 2016, chairman Chou jiao was awarded the honorary title of "March 8th red flag bearer of tianjin".

  On May 31, 2016, it was identified as a "national intellectual property advantage enterprise" by the state intellectual property office.

  General manager Wang Junling was selected as the "national model worker of textile industry" on June 28, 2016.

  In 2007, "computer laser cutting and embroidery all-in-one machine", "automatic template sewing system" and "L2000 high-speed multi-needle quilting machine" were identified as "textile light 2017 new technology (achievement) promotion project".

  On August 31, 2016, Tianjin Richforever technology co., ltd. was established, specializing in the development, production and sales of CAM software.

  On September 5, 2016, TIANJIN RICHPEACE COMPUTER & MACHINERY CO., LTD was named "national advanced unit of textile clothing education".

  In October 2016, "L2000 high-speed multi-needle quilting machine" was recognized as the third prize in the "science and technology progress award" of China textile industry federation.

  On November 10, 2016, "full-automatic sewing machine" of Richpeace brand was identified as "tianjin famous brand product".

  On November 22, 2016, the "Richpeace business division system and network integrated innovation management model" was rated as the "third class" achievement in the modernization innovation of the management of young industrial enterprises in 2016.

  In December 2016, "research and development project of sewing, embroidery and quilting control electronic control platform" won the second prize of "excellent achievement of Tianjin Quality Project".

  On December 20, 2016, "No. 5156892 Richpeace, Richpeace Trademark" was recognized as "Tianjin Famous Trademark" by Tianjin Market and Quality Supervision and Administration Commission.

  In June 2017, TIANJIN RICHPEACE COMPUTER & MACHINERY CO., LTD were named "top 10 enterprises in China light industry sewing machinery industry".by China light industry federation and China sewing machinery association.

  In June 2017, TIANJIN RICHPEACE COMPUTER & MACHINERY CO., LTD was named "top 100 enterprises in China's light industry" by China light industry federation.

  In August 2017, "L2000 high-speed multi-needle quilting machine with shuttle" and "intelligent complete set of automotive skylight shading curtain" were identified as "the 2017 new technology (achievement) promotion project of textile industry".

  On August 5, 2017, "a technological method to eliminate the sewing fold of the upper fabric of down products" won the first prize of "national enterprise innovation method competition of China association for science and technology".

  On August 5, 2017, "a technological method to eliminate the sewing fold of the upper fabric of down products" won the first prize of "national enterprise innovation method competition of China association for science and technology".

  On September 5, 2017, "intelligent complete set of automotive panoramic sunroof shading curtain" was identified as the "international leading" result.

  In November 2017, the invention patent of "concentrated transmission clutch system" was appraised as "China textile and garment industry patent award" by China textile industry federation.

  "Automotive panoramic sunroof sunshade intelligent complete set equipment" was awarded the first prize of the 2017 China light industry federation scientific and technological progress award on dec 12, 2017.

  On April 2, 2018, the company wholly purchased the equity of Tianjin Baofu labor service co., LTD. (main service business).

  On April 2, 2018, the company wholly purchased the equity of tianjin Baozhong electromechanical co., LTD. (main machinery processing business).

  On July 27, 2018, Richpeace intelligent technology co., ltd. was wholly established (mainly engaged in foreign trade business).

  On August 8, 2018,SGS Group  (600843) acquired 65% equity of Tianjin Richpeace computer machinery co., LTD.

  In February 2019, TianJin Richpeace Computer & Machinery Co., Ltd changed its name to TianJin Richpeace Ai Co., Ltd.

 On December 24,2019, It passed the ISO14001 Environmental Protection System and ISO45001 Occupational Health and Safety System Certification.

In February 2020,It was designated to  as a key anti-epidemic material support enterprises. By the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

  Company Culture


1. Rich and Peace, both is our vision with whole life.

2. People-oriented, Honesty-oriented.

3. Have both ability and morality, take morality as the top.

4. Learning organization, Enterprising employees.

5.Diversified Products, Professional Management

6.Safety, Team Spirit, Less Wastage, Effective.

7. Innovation is the key, subdivision is the objective, brand is the soul, and quality is the bone.

8.Carefully, understand exactly, implement firmly, complete task.

9. Pursuit progress in the correction, perfect in the improvement, innovation in the change, and efficiency in the reform.

10. Make a little bit of progress every day, do not give up, do not regress.

11. Never give up, never give up.

12. Don't complain. Don't complain。

13. Eliminate low-level mistake, reduce repeat mistake, stay away from fatal error.

14.Design computerization, production automation and management informatization.

15.  Use advanced and adapted technique, Improve and upgrade traditional industry.

16. Manufacture world’s advanced product, provide customer’s satisfied service, continuously improve management system, and constantly promote product quality.

17. Every day, RICHPEACE is on line; every minute, we make a response and serve you.

18.One cut, one seam, one life.

19. Authority is something that can be delegated by a superior, and authority must be established by doing so.

20. Solve problem first, identify responsibility later.

21.Face reality, settle problem.

22.Obey the law and take over the work.

23. Every job can be done and being done, then you are the right person to do it.

24.Multi skilled worker, professional worker.

25. Less request, more report.

26. Wholeheartedly for everyone, Think twice before you leap.

27. Don't let employees pay for work.

28. All financial documents are true (no invoice for reimbursement is available.

29. Finances are all business.

30. If supervisors all agreed, no need to ask your supervisor.

31. Reporting system, marking system, vertical & horizontal system, division system, furnace system.

32. More effort more gain, less effort less gain, no effort no gain.

33. Within the rules and budget, you have full rights to do anything; out of rules and budget, you have no power to do anything.

34. Competition for jobs is competition for money. Everyone is fighting and put forward.

35. Solutions are always more than the difficulties, never give up, never committed to be loser. 

36. Do not make trouble, but not afraid of it if it comes.

37. Discuss and argue face to face, keep honest

38. Use only proper polite languages.

39. Call with proper name and speak directly.

40. Criticism makes others better, and introspection makes you better.

41. Allow different opinions, but avoid different actions.

42. Some undesirable phenomena can be understood, but cannot be accommodated, cannot be let go neither. 

43. Global sourcing. If can find the good, don't need the bad

44. The supplier is an extra colleague.

45. Stop buying products and services once the supplier says the order is not profitable.

46. We only do win-win or multi-win deals, whatever buy or sell.

47. Help agents, help suppliers, the same as help ourselves.

48. Refuse giving gifts, hand in received gifts. 

49. Eating is not poor, wear is not poor, planning not properly, a lifetime of poverty.

50. Focus market trend, treat customer are all friends.

51. Always lower than customers.

52. Compete with strength and stay away from commercial bribery.

53. Demanding buyers are all a free coach.

54. Carefully with the applied materials and respect the customer's craftmanship.

55. Comings are all guests, treat them sincerely.

56. Loyalty comes first

57. Not in the position, still keep his spirit.

58. The deals cannot be closed, but keep the friendship.

59. The three viewpoints are incompatible with each other and cannot be win-win, no need cooperation.

60. Go with the task together, make deals together, making profit together.

61. Cheap price never be good product, stay away with destructive bargaining. 

62. Reduce price, cannot reduce quality, cannot reduce function.

63. Ensure each manufactured machine is the best.

64. Rather let customers scold for a while, than let users scold for a lifetime.

65. If no confidence to give customer value added, then forget the deal right away.

66. Users’satisfaction is the only standard of good machine.

67. Don't do illegal business or lose money deals.

68. Everyone, everyday, one task & one report. 

69. RICHPEACE developed and manufactured all types of sewing machines.

70. Good designer, with RICHPEACE CAD software.

71. Every new product, hard working & Never say no, fight for No. 1, sustain to the last one.

72. Match with the superior, keep aligning with the advanced enterprises.

73. The company provides a platform for employees to realize their own value.

74. When discussing salary and remuneration, talk about yourself and not others.

75. Differences and contradictions are normal phenomena, discover, disclose, and resolute it right away.

76. No matter who you complain, that person must be there.

77. Superiors can fire subordinates, and most subordinates can also fire their superiors.

78. Work with high profile, manner keep low profile..

79. Be a good person and do practical work.

80. Care with politics, get close to the government and stay away from power.

81. Be a taxpayer who is being loved by all ancient and modern Chinese and foreign governments.

82. Regard others as good people and others as smart people.

83. First solve the problem, then find a better way.

84. No delay, no omission and no mistake.

85. Handover work, wait for the other side to hold the work firmly, then release.

86. The most complete technology, the most complete product, the most complete customer and the most complete market.

87. Everything is recorded and traceable, everything is written.

88. Before signature, must be well-known the content, like taking a very heavy pen to sign.

89. Speaking and doing things must be prepared openly and standing up for public for comment and historical scrutiny.

90. The value of leadership is to find answers and solve problems.

91. Being the first is the foundation; doing second is the lesson; making money third is the vassal. 

92. Customers are the world. They don't belong to any individual, department, or even our company. The product that the company makes is good, the service that the individual makes is good, who can win order, customer is belonged to who. 

93. Card recording is just a basis for attendance, but not all. 

94. Because of the reasons for the elderly and children, the attendance system can be flexible.

95. Polish your glasses and polish your shoes.

96.Go out to dinner together, people who is in high position pay for the bill.

97. We have to have relations with the outside world, but we absolutely cannot have relations with the inside.

98. Before joining the company, they were relatives, but after joining the company, they were colleagues.

99. Document, set within a single A4 paper as possible.

100. Enterprises rely on the market and employees rely on their ability.