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Development History


May 24, Tianjin Richpeace Computer & Machinery Co.,Ltd. established.(Hereafter referred to as Tianjin Richpeace).


Sept. 9, Tianjin Richpeace was identified as High-tech Enterprise and was reviewed successfully on Sept.7th, 2012, Dec. 8th, 2015,Nov. 23rd, and Oct. 9th, 2021.


Jun. 7, Tianjin Richpeace wholly established Tianjin Richpeace Trading Co.,Ltd its main operation on import and export business.

Jun. 25, Tianjin Richpeace titled sponsored The National Vocational College Skills Competition (Costume Design and Production Skillsof the secondary vocational group), for eleven consecutive years up to now.Dec., Shenzhen Richforever CAD/CAM Co.,Ltd.’s "RICHPEACE" Garment CAD network software V8.0 was identified as "ChineseExcellent Software Product".


Middle of Jun., Tianjin Richpeace is identified as "Tianjin Enterprise Technology Center".

Jul. 17, “Richpeace Computerized Embroidery Machine with Laser Cutting Device ” and "Low Noise Large Area Multi-Head High SpeedComputerized Embroidery Machine" are identified as "International Advanced".

Sept. 5, Tianjin Richpeace passed ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Review and obtained quality management systemcertificate, and passed the replacement auditing in 2013 & 2016 which was changed to ISO9001:2015 version in 2017.


In May, Project of "Development & industrialization of high speed big size computerized embroidery machine" was recognized byMinistry of Science and Technology as "Demonstration Project of National Torch Program Industrialization".

May 24, participated drafting and issuing of Light Industry Standard "Industrial Sewing Machine Quilting Machine Digital Control System(QB/T 4307-2012)", which was put into practice on Nov. 1st, 2012.

Aug. 27, Tianjin Richpeace wholly acquired Shenzhen Richforever CAD/CAM Co.,Ltd. which is specially engaged in CAD softwareresearch and development, production and sales activities.


Feb.25, Richpeace brand “Computerized Embroidery Machine” is recognized as Tianjin famous brand (valid from 2012 to 2015, and lateron from 2015-2018 after reconfirmation on Nov. 10,2016).

March 16, Tianjin Richpeace first time titled sponsored "National Top Ten Pattern Maker Competition of Fashion Industry". (for consecutivenine years up to now)

Aug. 27, "Richpeace Garment Sewing System" was recognized as "International Leading" achievements.Sep. 26, " Richpeace Garment Sewing System " was awarded as No.1 of "CISMA2013 Excellent New Product".

Nov. 11, "Richpeace L2000 Computerized Multi-needle Rotary Hook Quilting Machine" was awarded as "International Leading".


Aug. 18, "Richpeace Automatic Sewing System" obtained "Second prize in science and technology of 'Textile Light' 2014 CNTAC".

In Aug., "Richpeace Automatic Sewing System", "Richpeace L2000 Computerized Multi-needle Rotary Hook Quilting Machine " achieved the"Outstanding technology achievement award" in review activities of Chinese garment industry excellent technical papers and scientificachievements.


Jan. 12, Invention patent "Control System for High Speed Computerized Embroidery Machine with Freely Alternative Head" was awarded "ChinaPatent Excellence Award" by China National Intellectual Property Administration.

Jan. 30, Richpeace brand “Industrial Computer Quilting Machine “was identified as” Tianjin famous brand product”.

Sept. 23, “Richpeace Non-stop automatic single head sewing machine” was awarded ”the first Prize of CISMA2015 outstanding theme display”by CSMA.

Nov. 24, “Richpeace Computerized Embroidery Machine with Laser Cutting Device” won the third prize of Tianjin Municipal people’s governmentscience and technology progress.

Nov. 27, Invention patent " Richpeace Automatic Sewing Machine" was awarded the first prize of "Excellent Patent Award of Sewing MachineryAssociation" by CSMA.

Dec. 16, "Academician Expert Workstation" was established under approval of Tianjin Science and Technology Institute.


Feb. 25, Chairman Betty Chou was granted as "Tianjin Woman Pace-setter".

May 31, "State Intellectual Property Council" identified Tianjin Richpeace as "National Intellectual Property Advantages Enterprises".

Jun. 28, General manager Wang Junling was entitled as "National Textile Industry Model Worker".

In July, " Richpeace Computerized Embroidery Machine with Laser Cutting Device ", "Automatic sewing system", " L2000 High SpeedMulti-Needle Rotary Hook Quilting Machine " are recognized as "Textile Light" 2017 Textile Industry New Technology (Outcome) PromotionProject.

Aug. 31, Tianjin Richsafty Technology Co., Ltd. was established, specializing in development, production and sales of CAM software.

Sept. 5, Tianjin Richpeace was named "National Textile and Garment Education Advanced Unit".

In Oct., " L2000 High Speed Multi-Needle Rotary Hook Quilting Machine," was awarded as "The third prize of CNTAC Science and TechnologyProgress Award".

Nov.10, Richpeace Brand “Automatic sewing machine” was recognized as "Tianjin Famous Brand Product".

Nov. 22, "Richpeace Department System, Network Integration and Innovative Management Mode" was awarded as "Third Prize" in 2016 LightIndustrial Enterprise Management Modernization Innovations.

In Dec., " Electrical Control Platform Research and Development Projects of Sewing, Embroidery, Quilting" won the "second prize of TianjinQuality Project Outstanding Achievement ".

Dec. 20, No. 5156892 “Richpeace” trademark was recognized as "Tianjin famous brand" by Tianjin Market and Quality Supervision and Management Committee.


In Jun., Tianjin Richpeace was recognized as “China Light Industry Sewing Machinery Industry Top 10 Enterprise” by CNLIC and CSMA.In Jun., Tianjin Richpeace was recognized as “China Light Industry Top 100 Enterprise” by CNLIC.

In Aug., “L2000 High Speed Multi-Needle Rotary Hook Quilting Machine” and “Automotive Roof Sunblinds Intelligent Complete SetsEquipment” are recognized as “Textile Light” 2017 Textile Technology (Achievement) Promotion Project”.

Aug. 5, “The new technology to eliminate the wrinkles of upper fabric of down product” won the First Prize in National Enterprise InnovativeContest by “China Technology Association”.

Sept. 5, “Automotive Panoramic Roof Sunblinds Intelligent Complete Set Equipment" was achieved as "Worldwide Advanced Level".

In Nov., Invention patent "Clutch system of Centralized Transmission" was granted as " China Textile and Garment Industry Patent Awardby CNTAC.

Dec. 6, Honored won the 6th National Outstanding Award for Management Innovation In the textile industry issued by CNTAC; GeneralManager Ms Junling Wang was titled as Creator of Management Innovation.

Dec. 12, “Automotive Panoramic Roof Sunblinds Intelligent Complete Set Equipment" was granted 2017 CNLIC Science and TechnologyProgress Award First prize.


April 2, acquired whole shares of Tianjin Baofu Labour Co., Ltd. (mainly engaged in labour service business).

April 2, acquired whole shares of Tianjin Baozhong Electromechanical Co., Ltd. (mainly engaged in machinery processing business).

July 27, wholly established Richpeace AI Co., Limited in Hong Kong (mainly engaged in overseas trade business).

Aug. 8, SGSB Group (600843) acquired 65% equity of Tianjin Richpeace.


In Feb., Tianjin Richpeace Computer & Machinery Co., Ltd. was renamed as Tianjin Richpeace Ai Co.,Limited.In Jun., Tianjin Richpeace was awarded the honorary title of "Top 30 Enterprises in China's Light Industry Equipment ManufacturingIndustry" by CNLIC.

Sept. 2,the Thesis of <Design and technology analyse of Comforter Automatic Production Line> was awarded CISMA 2019 ThesisActivities 3rd prize.

Nov. 21, “Richpeace Automatic Spreading and Sewing Machine” was awarded the “ Excellent new technology achievements and solutionsrecommendation project” by China National Garment Association.In Dec., Chief Engineer Mr Jiezhi Gao became member of 7th CSMA Science and Technology Committee.In Dec., “Richpeace Automatic Template Sewing System” was granted as “Military and civilian technology innovation achievements” byCNTAC.

Dec. 24, Tianjin Richpeace qualified ISO1400 Environmental Management System Certification and ISO 45001 Occupational Health andSafety Management System Certification.


In Feb., Tianjin Richpeace was entitled to the "National List of Key Guarantee Enterprises for Epidemic Prevention and Control" by theMinistry of Industry and Information Technology of China.

In Aug., "Automotive Panoramic Roof Sunblind Intelligent Complete Set Equipment” was awarded the Top 30 in “Maker in China” Textileand Garment SME Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.

In Sept., Tianjin Richpeace awarded the 48th in Top 50 CNLIC China Light Industry Equipment Manufacturing.In Oct., Tianjin Richpeace was granted Excellent Award in “Tianjin SME Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition” by TianjinIndustry and Information Bureau.

Nov. 25, Chief Engineer Mr. Jiezhi Gao was awarded the National Model Worker by State Council of the PRC.

Nov. 25, Tianjin Richpeace awarded “National Light Industry Enterprise Management Innovation Advanced Unit” from China LightIndustry Enterprises Management Association.

Nov. 25,Vice General Manager Ms Junling Wang awarded “National Light Industry Enterprise Management Innovation AdvancedIndividual” by China Light Industry Enterprises Management Association.

In Dec., products "computer control quilt sewing system for industrial sewing machines" and "automatic cup mask production line" wererated as "internationally leading" achievements by the Tianjin City Achievement Appraisal. And "automotive heating wiring productionline" was rated as "internationally advanced" achievement level.

In Dec., “Richpeace Rotary Head Precision Sewing Machine” was granted “Product Development Contribution Award” issued byCNTAC.

In Dec., Vice Chief Engineer Yunyun Li was granted “Epidemic Fighting Advanced Individual” issued by CNTAC.

In Dec., Tianjin Richpeace awarded “Epidemic Fighting Advanced Unit” issued by CNTAC.In Dec., Richpeace Automatic Template Sewing Machine (Invention Patent ZL201310064867.9) was granted Silver Award issued byCNTAC.

In Dec., Richpeace Automotive Panoramic Roof Sunblind Intelligent Complete Set Equipment was awarded Intellectual PropertyEntrepreneurial and Innovation, Invention and Design Competition the 3rd Award by Tianjin Intellectual Property Bureau.


Apr. 1, Celebrated Richpeace-Richforever 20th anniversary and successfully released Richpeace Garment CAD Super V8 online.

Apr.11, Tianjin Richpeace "Academician Expert Workstation" 3rd contract was renewed successfully.

Apr. 21, Naming and signing ceremony of 2021 China Skills Competition-National Sewing Machinery Maintenance Professional Skills FinalCompetition was held in Richpeace.

May 12, Tianjin Richpeace exclusively named 2021 Tianjin Fashion Week.

May 17, Chief Engineer Mr. Jiezhi Gao and Vice General Manager Ms. Junling Wang attended Richpeace-2021 Tianjin Fashion Week and wasinterviewed by Tianjin TV Urban Channel Fortune +.

In Jun, Tianjin Richpeace was awarded the Outstanding Contribution Award of Tianjin Fashion Week by Tianjin Textile and Apparel IndustryAssociation.

Jun. 15, Tianjin Richpeace was awarded the name plate of "Top Ten Enterprises with Outstanding Contributions in Baodi District", jointly issuedby Tianjin Baodi District Federation of Industry and Commerce and Tianjin Baodi District Chamber of Commerce.

Jul. 9, Tianjin Richpeace won "Top Ten Outstanding Contribution Enterprises in 2020", "Top Ten Technological Innovation Enterprises in 2020","Top Ten Growth Enterprises in 2020", and "2020 Year Top Ten Meritorious Enterprises" four titles.

Jul. 14, Tianjin Richpeace was awarded the name plate of "Haihe Craftsman" training base (enterprise training center) by Tianjin HumanResources and Social Security Bureau.

Jul. 18, Product "L2000 High-Speed Multi-Needle Quilting Machine" won CNTAC Science and Technology Progress Award 2nd Prize.

Jul. 20, Tianjin Richpeace was listed in 2020 Top 50 China's Light Industry Equipment Manufacturing Enterprises, overall ranking 11th.

Jul. 28, Product "Rotating Head Precision Sewing Machine" won the 2021 Excellent New Technology Achievement and SolutionRecommendation Project Certificate for the Garment Industry.

Sept. 13, CNTAC officially announced the second batch of "SRDI" SME in the textile industry. After enterprise declaration and associationrecommendation, on-site inspection, review and other procedures, Richpeace "Industrial Sewing Machine Computer Control Quilt SewingSystem" has been successfully selected as the second batch of textile industry "SRDI" SME list.

Sept. 25, Tianjin Richpeace was awarded the honorary title of "Advanced Collective of Scientific and Technological Innovation in Light Industryin the 13th Five-Year Plan".

Sept. 25, Mr Jiezhi Gao, Richpeace General Manager, was awarded the honorary title of "Advanced Individual in Scientific and TechnologicalInnovation in Light Industry in the 13th Five-Year Plan".

Sept. 31, Richpeace was awarded the certificate of "Tianjin Gazelle Enterprise" by Tianjin Science and Technology Bureau. 

Oct. 9, "Richpeace Automotive Heating Wiring Production Line Project" and "Richpeace Industrial Sewing Machine Computer Control DuvetSewing System Project" won the finalist award of "Maker of Silk Road Creative Design Infinity" in the China Textile and Apparel SME Innovationand Entrepreneurship Competition.

Oct. 13, Richpeace was awarded the AEO Advanced Enterprise Certification by Tianjin Customs.

Nov. 16, Richpeace Automotive Interior PerLam-SewEmb Production Line was successfully launched online.

Nov. 18, Richpeace was rated as the "2021 National Textile Industry Skilled Talent Cultivation Outstanding Contribution Unit".

Nov. 29, Richpeace won 2020 “ Sewing Maker” China Sewing Machinery Industry Youth Entrepreneur Entrepreneurship Competition 2nd Prize.


Jan. 21, Tianjin Richpeace 101 institute QC group was rated as “ National Light Industry Excellent Quality Management Group” by CNLIC.

Feb. General Manager Mr. Jiezhi Gao was specially appointed as “Model Spirit, Worker Spirit, Craftsman Spirit to campus” TianjinSino-German University of Applied Sciences Visiting Professor.

April, there are 2 Senior Engineers, 12 deputy-senior engineers, 20 intermediate engineers, 1 Senior Economist, and 1 intermediate economist.

May 27, Tianjin Richpeace was rated as “ National Light Industry QC group activity and quality reliable group”.

Jun. 15, Tianjin Richpeace became member of Tianjin High-tech Enterprises Association.

Jun. 17, Tianjin Richpeace was awarded as 2021 The Enterprise Science and Technology Association Work Advanced Unit by Tianjin Associationof Science and Technology.

Jun. 20, Tianjin Richpeace was awarded as Tianjin SRDI Small and Medium Enterprise by Tianjin Industry and Information Bureau.(SRDI- Specialized, Refinement, Differential, Innovation).

Jun. 22, Tianjin Richpeace won “Flexible Material Intelligent Manufacturing and Management Innovation 2nd Prize by China Light IndustryEnterprise Management Association.

Jun. 28, Tianjin Richpeace was rated as Top 50 Tianjin Gazelle Enterprise Ranking 11 by Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology.In July, Richpeace won the "2022 China Light Industry Digital Transformation Advanced Unit" by the China National Light Industry Federation.

In July, Richpeace won the "Top 50 of China's Light Industry Equipment Manufacturing Industry" (ranked 47th) by the China Light IndustryFederation.

In July, Richpeace won the top ten enterprises in the industrial sewing machine industry of China Light Industry Federation.

In August, Richpeace was awarded as "the first council member unit of the Medical and Health Branch of China Industrial Textile IndustryAssociation" by China Industrial Textile Industry Association.

On August 31, Richpeace was awarded as "Science and Technology Leading Cultivation Enterprise" by Tianjin Science and Technology Bureau.In September, Richpeace's self-developed "Automatic Medical Protective Mask Production Line" won the Product Development ContributionAward of China Textile Federation.On October 9, in the evaluation of 110 quality groups of the Quality Branch of China Light Industry Federation, Richpeace won the title of"Excellence QC Group" for improving the automatic fitting qualification rate of sponge strips of cup-type mask equipment".In November, Richpeace's self-developed "Automatic Medical Protective Mask Production Line" won the 9th "China's Top Ten Textile Technology"Project New Technology Award.

On November 29th, Richpeace's self-developed "Punch Inspection Resewing Embroidery Production Line" and "Fully Automatic Laying-Sewing-Cutting Production Line" were evaluated as "international leading" achievement level by Tianjin Achievement Appraisal.

In December, Richpeace's self-developed "Industrial Sewing Machine Computer Controlled Quilt Core Sewing System" won the third prize of the2022 Tianjin Intellectual Property Innovation and Entrepreneurship Invention and Design Competition.

In December, the "Digital Workshop of Flexible Material Processing Equipment" of Richpeace was awarded the "2022 Tianjin Digital Workshop" bythe Tianjin Tianjin Bureau of Industry and Information Technology.

In March, Richpeace's self-developed "Industrial Sewing Machine Computer Controlled Quilt Sewing System" won the second prize of the"Hengda Cup" Textile Intelligent Design Competition.


In March, Richpeace's self-developed "Automobile Heating Wiring Production Line" won the third prize of the Science and Technology ProgressAward of China Light Industry Federation.

In March, Richpeace's self-developed "Automatic Medical Protective Mask Production Line" won the 2022 Tianjin Employees' Excellent "FiveSmall" (Small innovations, inventions, transformations, designs and suggestions) Innovation Achievements.

In March, 15 people from Richpeace passed the evaluation of intermediate and senior professional titles of Tianjin Municipal Human Resourcesand Social Security Bureau. Among them, 1 person was rated as a full senior engineer, 2 as associate senior engineers, and 12 as intermediateengineers.

In April, Richpeace's self-developed "Punch Inspection Resewing Embroidery Production Line" won the second prize of China's light industrydigital transformation innovation achievement.

In April, Tianjin Richpeace AI won the "Top 10 Supporting Brands in China Automotive Customization and Modification Industry in 2022" award.

On May 1st, Comrade Wang Junling was awarded the "National May 1st Labor Medal".

On May 1st, Comrade Ma Hongwu was awarded the "Baodi District May 1st Labor Medal".

In May, the Baodi District Federation of Trade Unions awarded the title "Model Worker and Craftsman Talent Innovation Studio of Gao Jiezhi" toRichpeace.

In May, Richpeace was rated as "Municipal Service-oriented Manufacturing Enterprise" by Tianjin Bureau of Industry and Information Technology.

In June, Richpeace's self-developed "Fully Automatic Laying-Sewing-Cutting Production Line" won the 2023 China Garment Industry Science andTechnology Progress Contribution Award.

In June, Li Shuai, the chief engineer of Richpeace, was awarded the 2023 Scientific and Technological Innovation Figure of the Year in China'sgarment Industry.In June, Richpeace's self-developed "Punch Inspection Resewing Embroidery Production Line" was awarded the gold prize at the second "Sewing· Maker" Young Entrepreneurs Competition in China's sewing machinery industry.

On June 20, Richpeace was named "2021 Advanced Unit of Enterprise and Public Institution Science and Technology Association" by TianjinScience and Technology Association.

In August, Richpeace's self-developed "Punch Inspection Resewing Embroidery Production Line" won the "Entrepreneurship and Innovation StyleAward" in the 2023 "Maker Silk Road, Innovation Set" China Textile and Garment Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.

In August, the major scientific and technological innovation project "Enterprise Digital Transformation and Internet of Things platform developmentand application" declared by Richpeace was approved by Tianjin Science and Technology Bureau.

In December, According to the “Management Measures for  the Identification of Innovative Demonstration Technology Enterprises in the Textile Industry,” after enterprise applications and evaluations organized by the China Textile Industry Federation, it has been decided to award the title of “Innovative  Demonstration Technology Enterprise in the Textile Industry” to 25 companies, including Tianjin Richpeace Ai Co.,Limited.