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Rotary Head Precision Quilting Machine–for Duvet Making


  • Speed3000 rpm (working speed:1800-2500 rpm)
  • Power6KW
  • VoltageSingle Phase 220V/50Hz
Suitable for duvet, healthcare bedding, sewing of down sleeping bags.
Product Video
Product Introduction

1. Machine head can freely rotate 360°, independent driven, completely eliminate the reverse stitch effect, saved the time for machine head empty stitch movement and solved the reverse stitch quality problem.

2. working speed: 1800-2500 stitches / min.

3. Can work with special #9-11 needle for duvet.

4. Lifting head mechanism, leaving more space for exchang ing and frame changing. 

5. Bridge type structure, high stability, quiet and high precision.

6. Down-proof device, effectively solved the down-leakage problem when sewing duvet.

7. Pneumatic controlling the presser foot lifting, ensure stable sewing effect during the work.

8. All servo motor driving, to achieve stable sewing, suitable for a variety of sewing conditions.

9. X and Y directions are driven by ball screws, which have higher precision and more accurate positioning.

10. Stitch type is single needle lockstitch.

Product Parameters


Speed 3000 rpm (working speed:1800-2500 rpm)
Power Supply Single Phase 220V/50Hz
Power 6KW