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Richpeace Automatic Perforation(special-hole) +Embroidery+Sewing (rotating head) Machine

    RPCE-L-SP+E+S-1-900×600-B-SP6+F9+IS2-VR1, VR2-LH50,RH360,AO-1P220

    RPCE-L-SP+E+S-1-1200×800-B-SP6+F9+IS2-VR1, VR2-LH50,RH360,AO-1P220

  • SpeedPunching speed:≤800 holes/min; Embroidery speed:≤800 stitches/min; Sewing speed:≤1200 stitches/min;
  • Power6kW
  • Voltage1P220V
Suitable for car seat, footmat, air craft seat, furniture, sports shoes, leather shoes, leather clothes, leather bags, etc.
Product Video
Product Introduction

1. Integrated with embroidery, sewing and punching in one machine, and arbitrary designs, easily realize any complicated combination process of punching,embroidering and sewing. 

2. It adopts independent driven rotary head and hook mechanism. The head and hook can rotate in 360°, avoiding the quality difference of positive and negative stitch. 

3. The rotary punching mechanism can install up to 6 kinds of special-shaped knives, and any knife can realize 360° rotation, punching out any angle patterns to enrich more designs. 

4. Punching knives are optional for:round-hole knife, square-hole knife,rectangular-hole knife, diamond-hole knife, elliptical-hole knife, and other special-shaped hole punching knives. (Hole diameterrange within 0.8mm-10mm.) 

5. Good consistency of embroidery and sewing stitches, stable quality and less defective. 

6. Automatic lubrication with rotary hooks and embroidery and sewing heads. 

7. With powerful industrial vacuum cleaner, good cleaning effect. 

8. Air Suction function for punching head, leather chippings are collected through the hollow bar, keeping working environment clean. 

9. Aluminum clamping frame special forleather, easy for installation, conversion and leather changing. 

10. Optional Richpeace Intelligent SewPer CAD, free to design any pattern, easily realizing any special sewing process. 

11. Optional stainless steel plate, stable and durable.

Main Configuration

Richpeace Ⅲ Generation control system

Friendly human-machine interface, flexible touch, large storage, ensure the high-precision ofthe machine.


Rotary Punching Mechanism

Arbitrary angular punching in 360°, motorized lifting device controls the knives switching automatically, and servo motor controls puncher rotating at any angle.


9-color Embroidery Head

Embroidery head with automatic lubricating function,the pattern can be arbitrarily designed, and the embroidery quality is stable.


Rotating Control Device

Sewing head and Rotary case are controlled by the rotary console and can be rotating in 360° Synchronously.


Pneumatic Lifting Device

Pneumatic controlling movement ofthe lifting device, sewing head is lifting up and down independently.


Product Parameters

RPCE-L-SP+E+S-1-900×600-B-SP6+F9+IS2-VR1, VR2-LH50,RH360,AO-1P220

RPCE-L-SP+E+S-1-1200×800-B-SP6+F9+IS2-VR1, VR2-LH50,RH360,AO-1P220




Speed Punching speed:≤800 holes/min; Embroidery speed:≤800 stitches/min; Sewing speed:≤1200 stitches/min;
Power Supply 1P220V
Power 6kW
Installation Area