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  • SpeedMax 120m/min
  • Power5.5KW
It is suitable for automobile sunroof curling curtain fabric, compound leather, sponge, nylon net cloth, etc.
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Product Introduction

With the new cutting device, the cutter can be cut bilaterally, and the cutter disc and the fixed cutter always fit together, reducing the number of fixed cutter replacement, saving cost and improving cutting efficiency.

When pulling cloth, with the increase of layers, the stacking height of cloth increases, the platform will automatically drop according to the height, and always keep the same height as the outlet.

The utility model can turn the hopper to facilitate feeding and reduce labor intensity.

The upper cloth and cloth feeding mechanism adopts servo motor to control precisely.

The cloth roll is supported by air expanding rollers to prevent the cloth roll from jumping from left to right, and to speed up the cloth loading speed and improve the efficiency.

The single automatic cloth spreading device solves the problem of manual cloth loading for heavy weight cloth rolling.

Adopt the cylinder type advanced opposite side mode, can carry on the opposite side to the big weight cloth roll, the error control is below 5mm;

The cloth buffer mechanism adopts multi-point sensor monitoring to ensure adequate buffer distribution.

The detection of material remainder can set the percentage of early warning according to need, and warn when setting the value.

Defect Monitoring Device: Red or yellow stickers should be pasted on the edge of the fabric defective area for defect marking. The equipment will automatically cut the defective area and not use it.

[Cutting device]: The new cutting device can cut bilaterally, the cutter disc and the fixed knife always fit, reduce the number of replacement of the fixed knife, save costs and improve cutting efficiency.

[Counter-edge Function] The cylinder-type advanced counter-edge mode is adopted, which can be used to edge large-weight cloth rolls, and the error is controlled below 5 mm.

[Cloth buffer mechanism] The cloth buffer mechanism is monitored by multi-point sensors to ensure adequate cloth distribution in the buffer zone.

[Pulling platform] multi-functional cloth platform adopts aluminum profile to ensure flatness and straightness.

[Motor drive]Servo motor control, quick response, smooth operation, precise control.

[Hopper roll over] It can turn the hopper to facilitate feeding and reduce labor intensity.

[Platform lifting mechanism] Platform 1 drops, Platform 2 will pull the cloth out to wait for packing, while Platform 1 continues to pull cloth, after packing, the pulled cloth will be delivered out, the cycle to greatly improve efficiency.

[OMRON Motion Controller] OMRON Motion Controller control, man-machine interface display, full-closed-loop control mode, can effectively identify errors and correct them in time.

[Operation main interface] set up change speed and speed of cutting knife and adjust cutting width. The emergency stop button is installed to ensure the safety of the equipment and operators.

Product Parameters
Model RPAP-O-1-5000-2000-G-SLP-NA-3P380
Speed Max 120m/min
Power 5.5KW
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Online Consultant