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Continuous Feeding Double Saddles Quilting Machine


  • Speed3000rpm
  • Power8KW
  • Voltage380V, 50HZ
Suitable for the single head quilting patterns of Mattress, Duvet, blanket, mattress protector.
Product Video
Product Introduction

1. Max. Speed 3000rpm.

2. Double saddles structure enables 2 same pieces quilting at one time, double productivity.

3. Automatic material feeding, pulling, quilting and cutting functions are fully integrated in one machine.

4. The lifting head can be lifted to 100mm, which can be widely used in different fabrics quilting.

5. S50 structure in both heads, jumbo size rotary hook base.

6. Special designed fabric clamping device and belt supporting system ensure the min. Clamping area and high quilting accuracy.

7. Automatic thread cutting system and atomized lubrication system.

8. Thread breaking alarm system, bobbin thread counting function.

9. Mending sewing function, Fast-Forward and Fast-Rewind function.

10. Pattern preview function and output statistics function.

11. Automatic thread breaking repositioning system.

12. Richpeace powerful and comprehensive professional Quilting software offers free design, edit and analog quilting functions.

Product Parameters


Speed 3000rpm
Power Supply 380V, 50HZ
Power 8KW