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Single-color Single Roll Quilting and Embroidery Machine


  • SpeedThree-phase 220V/380V
  • Power6KW
Summer quilt, quilt cover, mattress protective mat and pillow cover, etc
Product Video
Product Introduction

1. Richpeace self-developed Q&E control system, 10.4-inch touch screen HMI.

2. Dual-needle quilting head with needle distance 2 inches or 50.8mm. Double needle can be controlled individually or manual control, free activating or locking. Head interval selection function is adaptable to the production requirement and complicated or combined patterns production.

3. Max Speed: 850rpm, working speed: 550-750 rpm.

4. Automatic thread breakage detection, reduces the worker's tension and machine downtime, improved the working efficiency.

5. Japan Koban jumbo rotary hook, bobbin capacity is 2. 2 times of normal hook, reduced the bobbin changing frequency and improved the productivity.

6. Main shaft and X/Y are full servo driving systems, matching for the high quality pattern stitching.

7. Bearing, lead screw, belt, switch, sensor, etc are from the global advanced brands, to ensure the high quality and stable performance and longer lifetime.

8. Richpeace professional Embroidery and Quilting pattern design software, free designs and easy to learn.

Product Parameters


Speed Three-phase 220V/380V
Power 6KW