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Multi-color Single Roll Quilting and Embroidery Machine

    RPQE-NM-SFE-424-305x3105-B-4ND(135) -VR2-NA-3P380

    RPQE-NM-SFE-412-305x1485-B-4ND(135) -VR2-NA-3P380

  • Power5KW
  • VoltageThree-phase 220V/380V
High quality summer quilt, bed cover, pillow case, curtain, mattress protective pad, mattress border; high quality car seat, furniture upholstery etc.
Product Video
Product Introduction

1. Single roll, long roller, designed for home textile wide fabric roll application.

2. Automatic alternative heads feature, for super big size pattern.

3. Automatic thread trimming: color-changing or pattern spanning with auto thread cutting, reduce manual trimming work.

4. Atomization oiling system, lubricating machine head and rotary hook components all around, longer machine life-time.

5. Four needles each head, for multi-color product.

6. Japan Koban jumbo rotary hook, bobbin capacity is 2.2 times of the normal one, reduced bobbin changing frequency and improve production efficiency.

7. Richpeace professional design software, powerful functions, easy to learn.

8. Optional devices: sequin device, tracing cording device.


Product Parameters

RPQE-NM-SFE-424-305x3105-B-4ND(135) -VR2-NA-3P380

RPQE-NM-SFE-412-305x1485-B-4ND(135) -VR2-NA-3P380

Power Supply Three-phase 220V/380V
Power 5KW