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Multi-head Perforation Machine (Single Punching knife)


  • Speed1500 holes/min.
  • PowerDouble-head 3.5kW, Four-head 7kW
  • VoltageSingle phase 220V/Three phase 380V
Applicable for punching process of car seats, foot pads, aviation seats, furniture, sports shoes, leather shoes, leather clothes, leather bags, etc.
Product Video
Product Introduction

1. Richpeace R&D control system, precise positioning, ensuring high precision punching effect.

2. 15 inch touching screen, simple and elegant, easy to operate.

3. One button start mode, automatic return to start after processing completion.

4. Optional double head or multi-head models, double efficiency or more, multi-head work at the same time.

5. Working with Richpeace sewing CAD software, the pattern conversion can be easily realized.

6. Perfect punching quality, no fabric scorched or yellowed or blackened, etc.

7. Easy to replace the punching needle. By changing the punching needle freely, the punching shape can be changed to meet the customer's customized requirement.

8. Self-developed transmission mode, can achieve punching of small area and any parts.

9. Equipped with patterns circulation, fast forward, fast backward, intelligent speed down, DXF file conversion functions.

10. Equipped with special pressing foot for punching, which ensures the punching precision of single layer and composite leather. The leather with or without sewing stitch can be punched, realizing the diversification of leather punching.

11. Machine head with automatic atomization oiling function, effectively avoid oil pollution of leather.

12. Machine diagnosis, program upgrading, patterns transmission and other services can be controlled remotely through the Internet.

13. Single tooling can take into account the utilization of multiple patterns.

Richpeace Automatic Multi-head Perforation Machine (Single Punching knife)

Product Parameters



900mm×600mm, 1200mm×800mm

Speed 1500 holes/min.
Power Supply Single phase 220V/Three phase 380V
Power Double-head 3.5kW, Four-head 7kW