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Foldable Mask Start-Stop Production Line (Headband Welding)


  • SpeedMax. 20 pcs/min
  • Power13 kW w/o Valve Device 16 kW with Valve Device
  • Voltage3-phase 380V/50Hz
For foldable mask automatic production with headbandand respiratory valve.
Product Video
Product Introduction

1. Fully automated production of N95/KN95 foldable masks, from fabric input to finished mask output, automatically complete pattern welding, nose clip insertion, logo printing, headband welding, mask shape cutting and scrapseparation. The final mask is standard size and pass rate is high. 

2. Richpeace self developed computer control system, touch screen operation, breathing valve welding function which can be turned ON or OFF as required.

3. Machine main body is welding structure, which can ensure the stable running. Imported sensors and ultrasonic generators, high welding efficiency, solid & nice welding spot.

4. Max. Speed of 20pcs mask per min, one person operates one machine, effectively saving labor costs.

Product Parameters


Speed Max. 20 pcs/min
Power Supply 3-phase 380V/50Hz
Power 13 kW w/o Valve Device 16 kW with Valve Device