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Richpeace Automatic Foldable Mask Continuous Production Line (Earloop Welding)


  • Speed30-40pcs/min.(Max.30pcs/min. with breathing valve)
  • Power11kW
  • Voltage3-phase 380V/50Hz
For automatic production of foldable masks (N95, KN95, etc.)
Product Video
Product Introduction

1. Fully automatic production for N95 and KN95 foldable masks. 3-6 layers fabrics feeding auto-aligned, nose clip feeding and cutting (optional), pattern embossing, inkjet printing (optional), earloop welding, folding, mask edge sealing, final mask cutting and collecting and scrap removing, the whole process are fully automatic running. 

2. Richpeace self developed computer control system, equipped with touch screen operation panel, stable running and easy to operate. 

3. Optional automatic inkjet printing device in the production line, stable and reliable with clear printing. 

4. Embossing roller can be customized according to customer requirements as option.

Richpeace Automatic Foldable Mask Continuous Production Line (Earloop Welding)Richpeace Automatic Foldable Mask Continuous Production Line (Earloop Welding)

Optional Devices

① Infrared protection device 

② Special embossing roller (embossing, edge sealing, cutting) 

③ Built-in inner nose clip device 

④ Built-in valve holing device 

⑤ Built-in inkjet printing device (single side)

⑥ Built -in sponge-strip sticking device 

⑦ Built-in ultrasonic breathing valve welding

Product Parameters



Folded Size 161mm×109mm

Speed 30-40pcs/min.(Max.30pcs/min. with breathing valve)
Power Supply 3-phase 380V/50Hz
Power 11kW
Installation Area

10200mm×2100mm×2150mm (L×W×H)