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Foldable Mask Production Line-UL Certified


  • SpeedMax. 28pcs / min.
  • Power12kW
  • VoltageThree-phase 380V/50Hz
For foldable mask (N95, KN95headband) production.
Product Video
Product Introduction

1. From raw materials to finished products, the production is done fully automatically, without human intervention, realizing automatic production of folding masks.

2. Every step and process in the whole production line are closely connected, and the max. Production speed is 28pcs/min. Under stable working condition.

3. Labor-saving, and mask quality in good consistency: the whole production line only needs one person to operate, which is free of skilled worker, improved production efficiency and mask quality.

4. Humanized control: all the moving parts and components in the whole production line are installed with safety guards to ensure operator safety at max. All faults have corresponding alarm information in the operation screen, which is convenient for supervision, maintenance and troubleshooting.

5. The whole production line is designed and manufactured according to the U.S. UL safety standards, including the U.S. Standard voltage input, separate wiring for high-voltage and low-voltage inside power cabinet, and all electrical parts as per UL standards.

Automatic Folded Mask Production LineAutomatic Folded Mask Production Line

Product Parameters




Speed Max. 28pcs / min.
Power Supply Three-phase 380V/50Hz
Power 12kW
Installation Area