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Richpeace Digitizer

RPFP-NM-DI-914×1219-NA-1P220 RPFP-NM-DI-1117×1524-NA-1P220
  • Voltage220V
Sofa, clothing industry, fashion design, surveying and mapping, mining, stamping and environmental protection ect
Product Video
Product Introduction

1. It is a powerful tool for digitizing traditional hand-drawn maker design.

2. Easily understand and operate, avoid incurring cost of training.

3. 16 buttons cursor is for fast and convenient operation accurately.

4. It saves setting time by preseting more than 30 popular software formats inside the digitizer.

5. Friendly interface, compatible with most popular grahpic applications, AutoCAD, GERBER, LECTRA, OPTITEX, MAPGIS, Citystar, Mapinfo, Arcinfo, MicroStation, Supermaop, Openinfo, Arise, Billy, Cyber, GmCAD, Genamap, ViewGIS, MapEengin, ILWIS, SvCAD, DoCAD and Tajima Series, etc. Furthermore, it supports workstations like SUN, SGI and others.

Product Parameters
Model RPFP-NM-DI-914×1219-NA-1P220 RPFP-NM-DI-1117×1524-NA-1P220
Power Supply 220V
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