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360° Rotary Head Single Needle Sewing Machine (Auto Feeding)


  • Speed2500RPM
  • Power3.8kW
Suitable for automatic sewing of thin and thick materials such as down jacket, cotton clothes and pillowcase, etc.
Product Video
Product Introduction

1. 10-inch high-definition industrial tablet, easy operation.

2. Standalone driving for rotary head, nice looking sewing stitch effect, improve quality of finished product.

3. Automatic feeding mechanism in left & right alternatively, improve work efficiency and reduce manual work intensity.

4. Richpeace sewing electric control system, ARM core + LINUX system.

5. Vertical lift up machine head, easy to change material frame, and good for span-stitch sewing.

6. USB port for pattern files input, large capacity of stitch file.

7. High quality international brand servo motor, driving high-precision linear guide rail, to ensure high precision on pattern and good quality stitch effect.

8. With specific support structure workbench, to ensure evenly stitches and accuracy on production under machine in high-speed operation.

9. Needle bar & rotary hook shaft treated with DLC diamond-like carbon coating, resistance to wear and can work normally at high speed without oil or less oil lubrication.

10. SMC atomized oil head to realize automatic lubrication on main moving components.

11. Automatic thread trimming, upper thread breakage detection, bobbin thread counting and upper thread clamping functions.

12. Optional Richpeace template sewing software, arbitrary design pattern, fulfill customization pattern design requirement.

Product Parameters


Speed 2500RPM
Power 3.8kW