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Richpeace Automatic Multi-needle Quilting and Edge Binding Production Line

Richpeace Automatic Multi-needle Quilting and Edge Binding Production Line.Including high speed mult
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Product Introduction

Richpeace Automatic Multi-needle Quilting and Edge Binding Production Line.

Including high speed multi-needle quilting machine, hemming machine, alignment platform and automatic tape binding machine.

Mainly used to produce home textile products with multi-needle patterns and tape-binding techniques, such as quilt cores, bed covers, etc.

Equipped with large rotary hook multi-needle quilting machine, high-speed working with the carding machine, can maximize machines’ production capacity.

Strong compatibility to different thick/ grams duvet, both summer quilts and winter comforter.

Adjustable needle row position, can meet the requirement for different size patterns.

Material will be sent to hemming machine instead of cutting machine after panel quilting. 

It can cut to shape and sewing the edges well. Machine head is chain-stitch sewing head, free of frequent thread-changing work. 

Hemming machine can effectively avoid the problem of thread explosion caused by cutting, and at the same time, it can greatly improve the hemming efficiency.

The alignment platform can help machine aligning from any position for tape binding preparation; and it can automatically distribute materials for double-deck binding machines. 

4-side tape binding machine, completely simulates manual process, which cantilever manipulator replaces human hands to rotate the material, with the perfect products of four consistent corners.

Tape-binding machine can finish edge trimming, tape threading, tape cutting, folding and closing, quilting reinforcement, etc., and equip the trademark attaching device to realize automatic sewing of trademarks.

In addition, the production line can also expand inspection, packaging and other processes to maximize automation functions according to actual customer needs.