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Richpeace Computerized ContinuousFeeding Wire Stitching Machine


  • VoltageThree-phase 380V or three-phase 220V (optional)
Suitable for rolling material wire stitching, for the home textile, garment, industry or composite, etc.
Product Video
Product Introduction

1. Working speed: 750r/min (stitch length 0.5-5.5mm).

2. Gantry structure, machine head can move left and right on the gantry bridge.

3. Front and back rollers feeding, it works non-stop and continuous producing (Excluding the bobbin changing time), which greatly improves work efficiency and reduces downtime.

4. Lock stitch, Richpeace automatic bobbin changing device with 8pcs bobbins and 2times hook, which can achieve 4 hours continuous working without bobbin changing.

5. The min. turning radius of the heating wire is not less than 3mm.

6. Equipped with rectifying device, long products will not produce big deviations.

7. The upper and lower shafts are driven by independent motors, automatic synchronization and automatic adjust ment.

8. The tracking axis can be adjusted manually or automatically, which is convenient for maintenance and needle changing operations.

9. Lubricating positions reserved for the moving parts and components, which is convenient for machine oiling and maintenance.

10. Automatic Alarm and stopping if wire jammed or stitched (the needle stitches in the conductive wire).

Single Head Continuous Feeding Wire Stitching MachineSingle Head Continuous Feeding Wire Stitching Machine

Product Parameters


Power Supply Three-phase 380V or three-phase 220V (optional)