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Apparel purpose Wire Stitching Machine


Which can be applied to the wiring of heating wires in clothes, shoes, shawls, gloves and toys offering self-heating function.
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Product Introduction

1. Cord precise wiring of different diameters can achieve a small radius arc transition.

2. Large spool device, significantly increases the amount of the spool assembly line, reduce downtime.

3. Automatic wire feeding, wire feeding fault alarm and automatic shutdown.

4. Conductor wiring has a Norse alarm function, to ensure product quality.

5. Rope (wire) trimming function is optional, to achieve automatic rope (wire) trimming.

6. Automatic device for feeding wire: Real-time adjustment according to the demand for wiring, namely, to satisfy requirement of wiring and avoid wire material surplus

7. Independent wire feeding system: Resistance wire feeding cable tray, independent channel, reduce resistance of wire feeding, and increase the surrounding angle of resistance wire, the maximum can be around 720 degree.

Product Parameters