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Intelligent Cloud Teaching Embroidery Machine


  • Speed850rpm
  • VoltageSingle 220V/50Hz
Suitable for the theory-practice integrated teaching and training in garment design, apparel design engineering, product design, and advertising design.
Product Video
Product Introduction

1. Exclusive embroidery equipment for teaching, realized cloud storage, cloud playback, cloud control, and a multi-frequency interactive teaching friendly interface.

2. Integrated with embroidery pattern-making, machine operation, course recording, synchronized playback, and special emphasis in one machine, makes it easier 

 for embroidering beginners to understand and learn computer embroidery.

3. It is more convenient for teachers to give lessons, improve teaching conditions and enhance teaching quality.

4. Cloud classroom recording files can automatically generate teaching resources and store them in the cloud.

5. It can switch between single-head 12-color flat embroidery, sequin embroidery, tracing cording embroidery, boring embroidery, cap embroidery, and tubular embroidery.

6. WIFI transferring pattern designs from student computers, and the equipment will embroider student works in sequence.

7. The recorded content can be transferred to the big screen, personalcomputer, pad or phone , etc.


Product Parameters


Speed 850rpm
Power Supply Single 220V/50Hz