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As the equipment and facility support unit of the first National Vocational Skills Competition, Richpeace has made great efforts to support the fashion technology competition (selected in the National Competition)

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On Dec.10, the 1st National Vocational Skills Competition of the People's Republic of China opened in Guangzhou, Guangdong province. With the theme of "New Era, New Skills, New Dreams", the 1st competition has 86 competition items, more than 2,500 participants and more than 2,300 referees participating. It is a comprehensive national professional skills competition with the highest specifications, the most projects, the largest scale and the highest level since the founding of the People's Republic of China.




As one of the equipment and facilities supporting units of the event, Richpeace has provided garment CAD software and high-speed magic inkjet plotter for the fashion technology (national competition selection) project. At the same time, an excellent technical team was selected to provide full guarantee for the stable operation of the equipment and facilities.




On Dec. 13, the closing ceremony of the first national vocational skills competition was held at Haixinsha Asian Games Park in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province 

Zhang Jinan, director of the organizing committee and minister of human resources and social security, announced the closing of the competition.Ma Xingrui, the director of the organizing committee and the governor of Guangdong Province, delivered the closing speech.Tianjin Mayor Liao Guoxun, the representative of Tianjin who hosted the 2nd National Skills Competition, accepted the flag.Chris Humphries, president of World Skills, delivered a speech via video.Tang Tao, vice director of the organizing committee and vice minister of the department of human resources and social security, and Li Hongjun, vice director of the organizing committee and executive committee and vice governor of Guangdong Province attended the closing ceremony.More than 8000 people participated in the event, including all members of the organizing committee, the responsible for the executive committee member units, all members of the participating delegations, contestants, referees, sponsor and the implementation guarantee units, as well as relevant media reporters.