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 "Tianjin Richpeace Computer & Machinery" becomes "Tianjin Richpeace Ai"

Release Time:2021-01-21views:0

  On February 12, 2019 (the eighth day), after working after the Spring Festival, Tianjin Richpeace Computer & Machinery Co., Ltd ushered in: "1, change the name - Tianjin Richpeace Ai Co., Limited; 2, registered capital Increased to 80 million RMB", two major events in the history of development.

  Shanggong richpeace is a new member of Shanggong Group. It owns the independent intellectual property rights of the complete technology in the CAD/CAM field. The R&D and manufacturing of machinery and equipment has penetrated the two major processes of cutting and sewing. It is a well-known supplier of flexible manufacturing equipment for flexible materials  Business.

  In the future development process, we will cooperate with each member company of Shanggong Group to foster strengths and avoid weaknesses, share resources, market-oriented, treat customers as friends, and provide more advanced and applicable new products, new technologies and new technologies to the industry. Comprehensive, efficient automated, intelligent and complete solution.