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Computerized Rhinestone Machine

    RPCE-PR series

  • Speed 80pcs/min
  • Power 0.8KW
  • Voltage220V/380V
Widely used on high fashion, shoes, fashion accessories, interior craftwork etc.
Product Video
Product Introduction

1. Rhinestone speed: 80pcs/min.

2. Replace the conventional manual rhinestone machine by fixing the stones.

3. Multi-dish rhinestone machine can fix different kinds of stones with different colors.

4. Completely improve efficiency and harmless to material.

5. Stones are firmly fixed with good washing durability.

6. Multi-shaft, full servo motor control system.

7. Allows versatile applications: it can fix rhinestone on the fabric by ultrasonic, such as cloth, jeans, luggage, accessories and other PU.

8. The rotary cylinder and pen cylinder imported from Germany, improve the work speed and noiseless.

9. Japan SMC vacuum generator and Japan original rotating motor, with high reliability.

10. Computerized ultrasonic rhinestone, automatica and with high efficiency.

11. The computer operating system is developed independently and the system is quick and stable, and the power can be stopped at any time

12. It can be used for rotation, zooming, editing, simulation and border detection.

13. In addition to the automatic change of color embroidery, it also with manual change of color, manual insert.

14. It can store 200 designs, 16 million points, and repeat the 99X99 designs, can identify the DST\DSB data format.

Computerized Rhinestone Machine

Product Parameters

RPCE-PR series

Speed 80pcs/min
Power Supply 220V/380V
Power 0.8KW