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High Speed Precision Embroidery Machine


  • SpeedMax. Speed:1500rpm
High precision embroidery required in garment, home textiles, furniture, automotive interiors, toys, etc.
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Product Introduction

1. Richpeace independently developed new generation of computer control system, friendly HMI, quick response operation, and large storage, ensuring that the whole machine can meet the high-precision requirements of embroidery under high-speed operation.

2. Richpeace independent R&D technology of mechatronics, flexible expansion, strong compatibility, can be connected to the Iot platform, and can be customized according to needs.

3. The three main components are developed and produced by Richpeace: arm base, rotary hook base and needle bar case mechanism. High processing precision, reliability and durability, which can prolong the service life of the whole machine.

4. Driven by full servo motor, color changing by lead-screw, dynamic thread trimming, ensure high-speed operation of the whole machine, low noise and high embroidery precision.

5. Machine stand is made of high-quality steel, and the table is imported high wear-resistance material, ensure the firmness and durability of the whole machine and stitching performance.

6. Seamless connection with Richpeace intelligent embroidery CAD software, perfect integration of pattern-making and stitching.

High Speed Precision Embroidery MachineHigh Speed Precision Embroidery Machine

Product Parameters


Speed Max. Speed:1500rpm