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Multi-head Perforation Machine With Heavy Mechanical Design (6-size fixed head)


  • Speed≤1000 holes/minute
  • Power6kW
  • VoltageAC220V/3-phase380V
Widely used for production such as car seat, foot mat, aircraft seat, furniture, sports shoes, leather shoes, leather clothes and leather bags, etc
Product Video
Product Introduction

1. Suitable for various types and thicknesses of leather, microfiber leather, composite leather material perforation processing.

2. Richpeace control system, equipment running with high efficiency and accurate, much better precision perforation.

3. Hollow perforation stem, heavy perforation tools box structure, powerful hole perforation.

4. Single perforation needle bar speed: 1000 holes/minute maximum.

5. Possible to have single head, double heads, four heads for choices, multiple heads working in same time, multiplied the efficiency.

6. Powerful industrial vacuum cleaner, good cleaning result.

7. Perforation head with leather scraps suction feature, leather scraps are away by suction through the hollow perforation stem, to avoid scrapes dropping, keep the working environment clean.

8. Single body fixture frame, easy to switch irregularshaped cutting piece when working with template, better for various product shape.

9. Richpeace CAD Design software, freely create and arrange any perforation patterns.

10. Optional with barcode scanning function for patterns, call up the related pattern with barcode scanned, higher working efficiency.

Product Parameters


Speed ≤1000 holes/minute
Power Supply AC220V/3-phase380V
Power 6kW