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Mattress Border Zipper Sewing Machine

  • Power2kW
  • Voltage220V/50Hz
For mattress protector production, automatic rubber bands sewing auto edge-alignment, auto-feeding, detect material, etc.
Product Video
Product Introduction

1. Speed: 3000 RPM

2. Productivity: 10m/min.

3. Zipper Width: 32mm (can be customized).

4. Products Width: ≤350 mm (can be customized).

5. The relative position of the zipper can be adjusted according to the product process.

6. Synchronous cutter design, pneumatic control cutter pressure, easy to make adjustment.

7. Mattress border left-right limits set-guide mechanism, apply for border width and left right position adjustment.

8. Automatic thread breakage detect.

9. Production output counting function.

10. Automatic winding back function.

Mattress Border Zipper Sewing MachineMattress Border Zipper Sewing Machine

Power Supply 220V/50Hz
Power 2kW