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1. Rich and Peace, both is a couple in our life.

2. People-oriented, Honesty-oriented.

3. Have both ability and morality, morality as foundation.

4. Independence & self-control, perseverance & non-stop.

5. Everyone, everyday, one task & one report. 

6. Safety, Team Spirit, Less Wastage, Effective.

7. Innovation is the key, subdivision is the objective, brand is the soul, and quality is the body.

8. Listen carefully, understand exactly, implement definitely, complete the task.

9. Pursuit progress in the correction, perfect in the improvement, innovation in the change, and efficiency in the reform.

10. Learning organization, enterprising employees, engineer in charge, flat communication. 

11. One cutting, one seam, one for whole life.

12. Do sewing that others is not willing to do, do cutting that others cannot do.

13. Full coverage the technical field and products, market coverage completely, application on full range of scenarios.

14. Every new product, fight for No. 1, sustain to the last one.

15. Diversified Products, Professional Management.

16. Every day, RICHPEACE is on line; every minute, we make a response and serve you.

17. Adopte advanced suitable technique, modify and upgrade traditional industry.

18. Computerized design, production automatic, management informationization, machine intelligence, manufacture networking, and enterprise digitalization. 

19. Manufacture world advanced product, provide customer with satisfied service, keep improving management system, and continuously upgrade product quality.

20. Safety in all production, healthy on all working, and all emissions with environmental safety.

21. Company provides a platform for employees to work smoothly, and bring into full play, to realize their own value.

22. Solve problem first, identify responsibility later.

23. Create road on mountain, build bridge when facing water, face reality, and solve problem.

24. Value of leader is to find answer and solve problem.

25. Power can be granted by superior, and authority can only be established by oneself.

26. Actual matter and content are always greater than just formality and expression.

27. Enterprise makes money + employees happy with it, fulfil both is the best management model.

28. Obey the law and take over the work.

29. Competition for jobs is competition for money. Everyone is fighting and putting forward.

30. If you can do everything in the company, then you can be the number one for granted.

31. Within the rules and budget, you have full rights to do anything; out of rules and budget, you have no authority to do anything.

32. Supervisors are all multi-skilled and professional staff, ready to take cover any tasks from subordinates at any time.

33. Less request, more report.

34. Wholeheartedly for everyone, Think twice before you go.

35. Finances is important, financial report is only one version.

36. If managers all agreed, no need to ask your supervisor.

37. Register system, marking system, vertical & horizontal system, by task system, re-furnace system.

38. More effort more gain, less effort less gain, no effort no gain.

39. Solutions are always more than the difficulties, never give up, never committed to be loser. 

40. Do not make trouble, but not afraid of it if it comes.

41. Make a little bit of progress every day.

42. Don't regret, don't complain, don't give up, don't reject.

43. Eliminate low-level mistake, reduce repeat mistake, stay away from fatal error.

44. Call with proper name and speak directly.

45. Discuss and argue face to face, have open mind &  honest.

46. Use only working language, must communicate with working speaks.

47. Criticism makes others better, and reflection makes yourself sophisticated.

48. Allow different opinions, but avoid different actions.

49. Some undesirable phenomena can be understood, but cannot be accommodated, cannot be let go neither. 

50. Globalize sourcing. If can find the good, forget about the bad.

51. The supplier is an extra colleague.

52. Stop the products and services order once the supplier says this order is not profitable.

53. We only do win-win or multi-win deals, whatever buy or sell.

54. Help agents, help suppliers, the same as help ourselves.

55. Refuse giving gifts, hand in received gifts. 

56.  Eating is not poor, wear is not poor, planning not properly, a lifetime of poverty.

57. Focus market trend, treat customer are all friends.

58. Open platform, international brand, global market.

59. Carefully with the applied materials and respect the customer's craftmanship.

60. Always highly respect to customers.

61. Compete with capability and stay away from commercial bribery.

62. Buyer is expert, customer is the smartest, demanding buyers are all a free coach.

63. Comings are all guests, treat them sincerely. Keep friendship even no deal made.

64. Though the person gone away, but the tea is not cools down, keep the loyalty is the first foundation in business field.

65. The three viewpoints are incompatible then no exchange. No win-win then no cooperation.

66. Go with the task together, make deals together, making profit together.

67. Cheap price never be good stuff, stay away with destructive bargaining. 

68. Reduce price, cannot reduce quality, cannot trim down function.

69. The company makes good product, the individual makes good service, who can get the order, customer is belonged to who.

70. Ensure every machine is the best manufactured, only customer says good machine is the truth.

71. Would rather let customers scold for a while, than let users scold for a lifetime.

72. If no confidence to give customer value added, then forget the deal right away.

73. Don't do illegal business or lose money deals.

74. Match with the superior, keep aligning with the advanced enterprises.

75. When discussing salary and remuneration, talk about yourself and not others.

76. Differences and contradictions are normal phenomena, discover, disclose, and resolute it right away.

77. No matter who you complain, that person must be there.

78. Superiors can fire subordinates, and most subordinates can also fire their superiors.

79. Deserters will never be hired, traitors will never contact. 

80. High profile working. Low profile attitude.

81. No delay, no omission and no mistake.

82. Be a good person, say the truth and do practical work.

83. Attitude is first, to be foothold foundation. Doing thing is second, to be a compulsory homework. Make money is third, just icing on the cake.

84. Care with politics, get close to the government and stay away from power.

85. Be a taxpayer who is being loved by all ancient and modern Chinese and foreign governments.

86. Regard others as good people and others as smart people.

87. First solve the problem, then find a better way.

88. Handover work, wait for the other side to hold the work firmly, then release.

89. Everything is recorded and traceable.

90. Before signature, must be well-known the content, like taking a very heavy pen to sign.

91. Polish your glasses and polish your shoes.

92. Go out to dinner together, people who is in high position pay for the bill.

93. Time-card recording is just a basis for attendance, but not all. Because of the reasons for the elderly and children, the attendance system can be flexible.

94. Internal document, set within a single A4 paper as possible.

95. Don't let employees pay for work.

96. All financial documents are true, no dummy invoice for reimbursement is available.

97. Speaking and doing things must be prepared openly, and stand up for public for comment and historical scrutiny.

98. Enterprises rely on the market and employees rely on their ability.

99. Before joining the company, they were relatives, but after joining the company, they were colleagues.

100. External, should make relations by all means. For internal absolutely cannot make relations.