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Richpeace Automatic Folding Package Machine


  • SpeedRolling: 3-4 pcs/min.Stack folding: 2-3 pcs/min.
  • Power7kW
  • Voltage220V/380V
Suitable for folding packaging of various conventional quilts. Two kinds of packing:Stack folding or roll packed can be switched as required.
Product Video
Product Introduction

1. Equipment mainly composited with: Folding device, rolling Device, stacking and compress plus conveyor device. 

2. Folding device: Quilts is folded through the working principle of the sensor. 

3. Rolling device: The long quilts is delivered to the automatic rolling device to complete the rolling job. 

4. Stack folding device: The long quilts is delivered to the next folding process, stack folding work is completed by the working principle of the sensor. 5. Equipped with Richpeace 3rd Generation Controller, simple operation, convenience on upgrade and maintenance in the future. 

6. Photoelectric control On/Off mechanism, enable the devices running in high precision and save power. 

7. Optional: automatic bagging, vacuum pressing, and sealing equipment, can realize a fully automated production. 

8. Can be connected with Richpeace multi-needle quilting with tape binding production line, automatic quilting with overlock production line, single needle quilting with automatic tape binding production line, etc various equipment.

Richpeace Automatic Folding  Package MachineRichpeace Automatic Folding  Package Machine

Product Parameters


Speed Rolling: 3-4 pcs/min.Stack folding: 2-3 pcs/min.
Power Supply 220V/380V
Power 7kW
Installation Area