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Duckbill Mask Production Line


  • Speed50-80 pcs/min.
  • Power8 kW
  • Voltage220V, 20kHz
Suitable for the automatic production of duckbill mask (N95, KN95).
Product Video
Product Introduction

1. Masks are welded and formed at one time, the surface layer, the filter layer and the bottom layer up to 3-6 rolls of material are automatically aligned into the feeding, automatically embedded the nose bridge, automatic welding pattern, automatic sorting of finished products and waste materials, saving labor and high efficiency.

2. All electrical components adopt international good quality brands, effectively guarantee the stability of the mask production.

3. Using well-known brand ultrasonic welding machine, high welding efficiency, good quality, stable and durable.

4. High production speed, 50-80pcs/min.

5. Modular assembly design, easy to install and maintenance.

6. Completely automatic intelligent control, simple operation, convenience and fast.

7. Once equipment found abnormal running, then stop and alarm. Alert of lacking material in advance. Human machine interface with intelligently guidance, quickly managed.

Product Parameters


Speed 50-80 pcs/min.
Working Area RPFM-AC-D-FI-LI-UI1-1BC-3P380
Power Supply 220V, 20kHz
Power 8 kW