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Richpeace 1cm/3cm Automatic Cutting Machine

RPAC-NM-MC1-1-2000×1800-FB-LH-P-3P380 /RPAC-NM-MC3-1-2000×1800-FB-LH-P-3P380
  • Speed10-40m/min
  • Power15kW,
  • Voltage Three Phase 380V
Suitable for car seats, interior trim panels, foot pads, etc
Product Video
Product Introduction

1. Richpeace independent copyright of the computer control system, can set cutting parameters file, directly connecting to the computer, machine status and cutting graphics are clear at a glance.

2. Cutting head is equipped with automatic sharpening device.

3. Intelligent Knife: Intelligent speed adjusting and automatic side stress compensation, ensuring perfect cutting quality.

4. Aluminum head can reduce the working load and improve the running speed and efficiency under conditions of high strength. 

5. Optional continuous cutting type has cutting table automatic cleaning function.

6. Comprehensive safety protection device can protect the safety of the machine and personnel.

7. Satisfying individual production requirements and compatible with main CAD software in the market.

8. Production calculation function, and compatible with the market main production and management system communication protocol.

Product Parameters
Model RPAC-NM-MC1-1-2000×1800-FB-LH-P-3P380 /RPAC-NM-MC3-1-2000×1800-FB-LH-P-3P380
Speed 10-40m/min
Power Supply Three Phase 380V
Power 15kW,
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Online Consultant