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Pillowcase Sewing Machine


  • Speed 3000rpm
Suitable for one-time full-automatic sewing of garment parts, down jackets, cotton jackets, and pillowcases.
Product Video
Product Introduction

1. Richpeace computer, easy to learn, 10 minutes to get started;

2. Richpeace clothing template special software, seamlessly interface with clothing patterning   software, no need to convert files to waste time;

3. New structure head, automatic oil supply, reduce noise and extend machine life;

4. Anti-down pile technology, to ensure that down garments are not under-cut, and high-quality sewing is guaranteed;

5. Using Richpeace CAD/CAM technology, a new design is specially designed for stencil sewing;

6. The elastic presser foot can be raised, and the height of the presser foot is automatically adjusted according to the thickness of the sewing material to ensure that the stitching is accurate and beautiful;

7. Folding worktable, random size, exquisite structure, convenient for re-ranking;

8. Richpeace wireless network flower transmission system By using wireless network signals, several Fuyi sewing machines are connected to a local area network for centralized configuration;

9. Machine options: universal template + laser configuration + cutter device.

Product Parameters


Speed 3000rpm