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Richpeace Automatic Large Area 360° Rotating Sewing Machine



  • Speed2500RPM
  • Power2kW
  • VoltageThree Phase 380V
Suitable for large-format upholstery sewing in leather and fabric
Product Video
Product Introduction

1.Lifting head, easy to change frame and benefit for step stitch. 

2. 360° Rotary Sewing Head, independent driven, completely eliminates reverse stitches. It solved problem of time-losing during empty step stitch moving and reverse stitch quality problem. 

3. Pressure foot could be changed according to different sewing requirements to realize the best stitch effect. 

4. Table support structure ensures the flatness of the product and stitching accuracy under high-speed running. 

5. Motion control technology realizes large area sewing while ensuring that the needle does not scratch the material. 

6. 5-axis servo + lead screw to ensure super-large-area sewing accuracy and sharp angle effect under high-speed running. 

7. Needle and rotary hook are driven individually to realize the functions of automatic rotary hook alignment and automatic position correction function. 

8. DLC coating needle bar and hook shaft, high abrasion resistance, can work properly at high speed without oil or less lubrication. 

9. Automatic thread trimming, upper thread broken detection, bobbin thread counting function, are more helpful for leather sewing. 

10. Working with Richpeace Sewing CAD software, simple to learn, can meet customer personalized pattern design requirement. 

11. The organ cover protects the transmission components and protects the fabric from oil pollution.

Product Parameters



Size 3900mm×4250mm×1800mm
Speed 2500RPM
Power Supply Three Phase 380V
Power 2kW