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Richpeace Multi Layers Fully Automatic Cutter

  • Speed1000-4000 rpm
  • Power16-25 kW
  • Voltage3Phases 380V AC power 50Hz
Woven Fabric, Knitting Fabric, Leather, Non-woven Fabric, Jeans andPolyester Fibre, etc.
Product Video
Product Introduction

1. The machine head adopts integral cast aluminum structure, which is free from oiling and prevents fabric from pollution. 

2. The driving wearing parts in the head has special treatment to enhance durability and prolong its service cycle, and to reduce its maintenance cost.

3. The intelligent cutting knife has intelligent speed change and automatically compensates the side stress to ensure the perfect quality of the cut piece. Intelligent Knife: Intelligent speed adjusting and automatic side stress compensation, ensuring perfect cutting quality.

4. Automatic diamond sharpening device: automatic grinding, intelligently controlling its wear loss, keeping the cutter sharp, and extending the life of the cutter.

5. Independent R&D computer control system with own intellectual property rights can preset the cutting parameter file, and directly connect the PC or operate without external computer system.

6. Real-time cutting control function can show its real-time cutting track and warn for diagnosis.

7. Automatic continuous cutting with several windows, can cut patterns of any length.

8. Automatic unloading system with conveyor belt, automatically recognizes the cut pieces and delivers to the collection area. 

9. The vacuum pump is programmable and frequency-converted to ensure sufficient vacuum suction for the cut fabric, and considers the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection.

10. All-round safety protection device can be controlled by manual to stop the machine as emergency at any time.

Product Parameters
Model RPAC-NM-MC6-1-1800×1800-SB-MH-P-3P380
Speed 1000-4000 rpm
Power Supply 3Phases 380V AC power 50Hz
Power 16-25 kW
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Online Consultant