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RICHPEACE Packing Box Dedicated Flat Cutting Plotter


  • SpeedMax 1000m/s
  • Power 3kW
Be suitable for all kinds of carton packaging personalized customization and small batch production, can quickly and efficiently make a product quality samples, specially used for processing common packaging materials. The same machine can meet your requirements for all the production steps, and accurately and efficiently realize all kinds of exquisite packaging processing. Industry covers: clothing, food, housing, travel four major areas of all kinds of boutique packaging.
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Product Introduction

1. Double knife system + pen drawing device is standard on the machine head, which can automatically switch between cutting and pen drawing marks according to different processes and material requirements. Select the right tool can be used for precise processing of different materials.

2. Imported cutting resistanttable, with aviation grade aluminum alloy vacuum platform, to ensure the materials can be adsorbed firmly, can cutting accurately.

3. Touch operating system, can operate directly, it will be very convenient and quick, you can choose one-time data transfer or be imported by U disk.

4. Imported servo control system, the whole machine adopts imported Panasonic servo system to ensure the reliable operation of the equipment.

5. Reliable safety protection devices can ensure the safety of personnel and equipment in special circumstances.

6. Imported BANDO high precision synchronous belt+PMI linear guide rail, to ensure the repeat accuracy can reach ±0.05mm.

RICHPEACE Packing Box Dedicated Flat Cutting Plotter

Product Parameters




Speed Max 1000m/s
Power 3kW