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Richpeace Automatic Cup Mask Production Line(Pre-forming System + Headband Stapling + NoseSponge Strip)

Suitable for cup mask automatic production.
Product Video
Product Introduction

1. Fully automatic production line includes raw material feeding,

cup forming, filter layer pre-forming, edge sealing and cutting,

transferring to pad printing, sponge strip sticking, automatic

external nose clip, headband stapling (optional headband

welding), ultrasonic breath valve welding (optional), Manipulator

grab and mask transmission.

2.The filter layer pre-forming function adopts separate forming

design to better ensure that the melt blown non woven fabric

and the protective layer fabric are evenly distributed, and the

filter performance of the melt blown non woven fabric and the

fabric is completely retained

3. Automatic nose sponge strip sticking, laborsaving.

4. Automatic pad printing device, high efficiency with clear pattern.

5. Constant temperature sensor automatically attaches the external

nose clip, the cutting is smooth & firmly fixed.

6. Automatic double sides headband stapling device, the length

is adjustable, strong for pulling.

7. Finished Mask and scrap are separated automatically.

Product Parameters