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4-Side Tape Binding Machine


  • VoltageThree phase 380V
Quilt, bed cover, blanket and other products automatic tape binding and automatic trademark sewing. It can be working together with the quit production line to the tape binding, or working independently after panel quilting.
Product Video
Product Introduction

1. Richpeace independently developed electronic control system.

2. The circular conveyor belt with curved guide rail can complete the tape binding work automatically.

3. The automatic oil supply to the head reduces noise and extends the service life of the machine.

4. Lifting three synchronous presser foot ensures the beauty of the sewing stitches.

5. Automatic trimming function ensures the neat of the material before sewing and binding.

6. Automatic finishing device makes the end stitch in alignment, more accurate and beautiful.

Richpeace Automatic 4-Side Tape Binding MachineRichpeace Automatic 4-Side Tape Binding Machine

Product Parameters


Power Supply Three phase 380V