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Richpeace Comforter Four-Side Sewing and Cutting Production Line


  • Speed4500RPM
  • Power30kW
  • Voltage380V 50Hz
Suitable for the production process of comforters four-side sewing and single side opening left for turn-over structural.
Product Video
Product Introduction

1.Material Feeding Module 

The feeding module includes fabric joint-sewing device and deviation correction device. The fabric joint-sewing device makes the joint neatly, effectively reduced waste and ensured the same tightness on both sides of the material; The deviation correction device automatically corrects and aligns the materials, and spreads them at the same time.

2.Longitudinal Sewing Module 

Two mirror single needle chainstitch sewing heads (other head can be customized), can adapt to the sewing of different specifications. With label-attaching device, the opening for turn-over is more accurate.

3.Traverse cutting module 

The pulling device is cooperating with the color code sensor, the Cutting at fixed length is accurate.

4.Traverse Sewing Transmission Module 

Single needle chain stitch sewing head (other head can be customized), working synchronously with annular belt, with automatic thread trimming and transmission function.

Product Parameters


Speed 4500RPM
Power Supply 380V 50Hz
Power 30kW
Installation Area