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Fully High Speed Flat Mask Earloop Welding Machine

    3540mm ×1150mm × 1700mm(L×W×H)

  • Speed70+ pieces/min
  • Power4kW
  • VoltageSingle-phase 220V/50Hz or three-phase 380V/50Hz
Suitable for automatic welding operation of disposable flat mask earloop.
Product Video
Product Introduction

1. Equipment consists of an earloop welding machine and an auto mask feeding device, which can realize the auto mask feeding, earloop welding and palletizing transmission.

2. Mask feeding device can deliver the plan mask piece. After the earloop is welded, then masks are stacking up automatic and for counting.

3. Adopting Richpeace control system, touch screen setting, simple and convenient operation, can be one person working with single machine, greatly saving labor force.

4. Earloop can be automatically cut and automatically ultrasonic welding.

Product Parameters

3540mm ×1150mm × 1700mm(L×W×H)


Ordinary medical mask(YY/T 0969)/Surgical mask(YY 0469)

Speed 70+ pieces/min
Power Supply Single-phase 220V/50Hz or three-phase 380V/50Hz
Power 4kW
Installation Area

3540mm ×1150mm × 1700mm(L×W×H)