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Richpeace Direct drive cutting and binding AIO machine

RP-1510BAE & RP-1510BAE-7
  • Speed2000rpm
  • Size1200*550mm
  • Power550W
  • VoltageAC220 50/60HZ
binding process for quilt and mattress.
Product Video
Product Introduction

1.Internal direct drive and the pneumatic controlled components, convenient to maintance, more safety and energy saving.

2.It's equipped with knife before vinding device, so that can achieve binding, cutting and sewing material at the same time. The effect is average and full.

3.Alternating presser foot, needle stitch, feed dog and the binding device four part compound feed at once. When sewing straight line and corner, it can also get smooth and beautiful effect.

4.Cutting device can be attachable and convenient for binding off.

5.Bigger layout tank and pneumatic assisting layout design, can make the waste material when cutting go out quickly.

6.Needle bar and some parts are treated with tiny oil so that it can prevent pollution efficiently.

7.Pneumatic presser foot lifting make the operation more relaxed.

8.Optional parts:back puller、Dust collection device

Product Parameters