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The new product launch of Richpeace Automotive Interior PerLam SewEmb Production Line was successfully held online

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On November 16th, the online launch of Richpeace Automotive Interior PerLam SewEmb Production Line was successfully held online by Tiktok live stream. During the live broadcast, the interaction in the live broadcast room was hot, which once pushed the atmosphere of the launch to a climax!


First of all, the general manager of Richpeace, Mr. Gag Jiezhi, delivered a speech at the new product launch. He said that Richpeace has long adhered to the business development concept of "innovation, brand, segmentation and high-quality products", and is committed to the intelligent exploration of flexible material processing technology to realize the good wish of flexible manufacturing of flexible materials. Provide users in the four major industries of "garment, home-textile, automotive and medical" with complete solutions for customization of software, computer, electronic control, devices, complete machines and complete sets of equipment, transform and improve the manufacturing capacity of traditional industries, and promote industrial users to gradually realize "design computerization, production automation and management informationization"; So as to finally realize the vision of "machine intelligence, manufacturing IoT and enterprise digitization". We are confident that we will strive to be a global ecological supplier of flexible material processing!


"Richpeace Automotive Interior PerLam SewEmb Production Line", which breaks through many key technologies in the industry from single machine automation to whole process automation. The production line can automatically complete four processes such as perforation, lamination, sewing and embroidery. Only one operator is required for the five stations of the whole line, which greatly save the labor, and ensures the consistency and stability of product quality by the production line.


Subsequently, Gao Jiezhi, Wang Junling, Li Xia and Li Shuai jointly unveiled the "Richpeace Automotive Interior PerLam SewEmb Production Line".


Main designer of "Richpeace Automotive Interior PerLam SewEmb Production Line", Song Wanchao, introduced the workflow and application significance of the production line. 

The narrators introduced the functions and advantages of each station in turn.


Manager of Merchandising department, Xu Wenjiao, introduced Richpeace Computerized Automatic Platform Punching Machine.


Manager of India office, Peng Yun, introduced Perforation Visual Inspection Station and Leather Lamination Station.


Manager of Bangladesh office, Xin yaoyan, introduced Richpeace Automatic 360 ° Rotary Head Sewing Machine.


Sales manager of Automotive department, Ma Xiaoguang, introduced Richpeace Automatic Embroidery Machine.


R & D Engineer of the electronic control department, Yang Zongyin, introduced the big data platform of Richpeace Automotive Interior PerLam SewEmb Production Line.


Happy smashing golden eggs and giving gifts.

The online new product launch of "Richpeace Automotive Interior PerLam SewEmb Production Line" was a complete success!

Thank you very much for your support and concern for the Richpeace Tiktok, see you next time!