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Richpeace will be more brilliant tomorrow! Richpeace staff and workers conference was held ceremoniously

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  On the afternoon of August 8th, 2018, The all-staff meeting of Tianjin Richpeace Computer & Machinery Co.Ltd was held with more than 600 employees present.

  All staff conference site

All staff conference site

  Leader and Employee speak

Leader and Employee speak

  Tianjin Richpeace deputy general manager, Feng Hui host the conference

Employee representative

 Employee representative – LuWenCong,TianJin Richpeace electro mechanical welding workshop worker, speak

Representative of cadres

  Representative of cadres -- General manager of TianJin Richsafly Technology CO. LTD, QiChunLiang speak

Tianjin Richpeace General manager

  Tianjin Richpeace General manager: LiJingNing speak

Tianjin Richpeace CEO

  Tianjin Richpeace CEO: XiaGuoQiang speech

SGSB Group

  ShangGong Group  Co. Ltd Chairman and President :Zhang Min speak

SGSB Group and Richpeace Group

  ShangGong Group Co. Ltd, Tianjin Richpeace Computer & Machinery Co., Ltd Leader Group(Front Row)

  The staff meeting is over. The company have a dinner party

dinner party

 Canteen dinner, Tianjin Richpeace Computer & Machinery Co., Ltd: Chief engineer ,Gao Jie Zhi host

Canteen dinner

  During the meal, the staffs are in good order with joyable on face

  After twelve years, With a wave of fingers ,looking back on yesterday, We have gained confidence and strength. Looking forward to tomorrow, We are full of lofty sentiments and hope; Let us imagine the future of Richpeace, and create a greater resplendence! RICHPEACE will not give up but to stay true to the mission, pushing forward with persistence and steadiness.Cutting & Sewing, Unremitting & Everlasting !