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Richpeace, the development of computer quilting machine manufacturers

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History of computer quilting equipment

Single needle quilting machine, automatic quilting machine, special sewing machine for sewing, embroidery machine, multi-needle quilting machine, cutting machine.

In 1999, Richpeace began to enter the field of computer quilting equipment manufacturing. Now, machines that can produce more than 10 computerized quilting machines are now available.

Users all over the world, mainly in the home textile, furniture, home and other fields of production.

In 1999, the company developed and produced computerized computerized control systems for computerized quilting, supplying more than 20 manufacturers in China's major computerized quilting machines.

2000, computer quilting CAD software system

2002, multi-needle shuttle computer quilting machine

2003, multi-needle chain computer quilting machine

2004, the multi-head multi-color wide computer quilting machine

2005, C30 flip head single needle frame computerized quilting machine

2006, M70 single-head continuous computer quilting machine

2011, the multi-head multi-color double-frame computerized embroidery machine

2012, the L1500 multi-needle rotary hook computer quilting machine (the highest speed)

2012, high speed cutting machine

2013, the multi-head monochrome wide-format computerized embroidery machine (needle spacing: 2-3 inches)

2014, S50 single-needle frame computerized quilting machine

2015, S50 double saddle frame continuous feeding computer quilting machine

2015, variable head distance multi-needle computer quilting machine

2016, L1000 single/double row two inch multi-needle rotary hook computer quilting machine

2017, four-slit system (chain stitch)

2017, four-sided edging system (lock stitch)

The above is the development history of Richpeace, a computer quilting machine manufacturer. If you want to know more, please pay attention to www.richpeace.com