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Richpeace Automatic Fish Mask Production Line, Suitable For Protective Fish Mask.

Release Time:2021-05-28views:0

Richpeace Automatic Fish Mask Production Line, Suitable For  protective fish mask.

Richpeace Automatic Fish Mask Production Line adoptes 1-to-2 design, including one set of mask-making station connects one set double earloop welding station. one set transmission device, one set material loading stand, one set electronic control system. 

The machine is delicate in structure, easy to operate, with stable and reliable performance.

Nose-bridge can be integrated into masks automatically, with feeding and cutting process. Length can be set, can set the position to achieve location precision.Double earloop welding station, adopted high efficiency ultrasonic welding structure. Complete two sides earloop welding at once time,stable and reliable, welding spot strongly.Max speed is 50pcs/min,suitable for 4-layer fish mask.


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