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Sunblind Hot Melting Machine

    RPAS-O-2-A-HM2-0-LH, AF, AR-1P220

  • Power2 kW
  • Voltage3-phase 380±10%V, single phase 220±10%V 50Hz
Hot melting automotive panoramic sunroof.
Product Video
Product Introduction

1. Adopt positioning guide pin plus 1/4 rotary knob to achieve fast fixture changes.

2. Fast screw lock for fixing hot melting head, able to have various hot melting head products for replacement. Use heat sink in between with cylinder to avoid high temperature damage on cylinder.

3. Material channel can open and close automatically. Using air cylinder to make it open & close.

4. By linear air cylinder driving, to achieve the automatic load and unloading feature.

Product Parameters

RPAS-O-2-A-HM2-0-LH, AF, AR-1P220

Power Supply 3-phase 380±10%V, single phase 220±10%V 50Hz
Power 2 kW