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Manual Spot Welding Machine


  • Speed0.1~6sec(adjustable)
  • Power2500W
  • VoltageAC220 50/60HZ
Used in welding point operations such assurgical gown waist belt and non-woven bag.
Product Video
Product Introduction

1. Welding spot is firm, smooth and beautiful.
2. Suitable for surgical clothing waist belt dotting.
3. Spot welding pressure and welding time can be adjusted to meet various welding requirement.
4. Work immediately after power on, no need to warm up.
5. The transducer is made with high-quality ceramic wafer material, high ultrasonic efficiency and high stability, able to work continuously.
6. Ultrasound probe can be used for a long time, not easy to wear and being cavitation.
7. Continuous and uninterrupted ultrasonic spot welding, automatic frequency tracking and automatic resonance point and power control, without manual adjustment frequently.
8. Unique automatic amplitude and pulse compensation function to ensure that the probe amplitude is not varied due to the loading changes during the ultrasound process.
9. Humanized design, controllable and adjustable spot welding speed.
10. On/Off pulse timer, precise power adjustment to ensure high intensity welding.

Product Parameters




Speed 0.1~6sec(adjustable)
Power Supply AC220 50/60HZ
Power 2500W