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Richpeace Garment Technical Data Sheet System Commercial

  • SystemWindows XP/7/8/10
The Garment Technical Data Sheet System can provide professional, practical drawing line tools and various lines, which can draw the process diagram easily. At the same time, we can extract the existing parts in the repository to shorten the production time. The newly created parts and lines can also be saved to the repository and applied to the next new style.
Detailed Introduction

1. In the system, you can be free to make the production table, enter the size table and sewing requirements, customer number, order number, etc.You can also insert Word, excel.

2. The Garment Technical Data Sheet TDS System can also be on the style of bitmap(such as fabric), solid color fill,and can import a variety of such as BMP, JPG format.

3. The Garment Technical Data Sheet TDS System provides a splicing function.You can achieve the splicing of different parts, and also design new styles.

4. The system has saved a large number of pattern library, including collar , sleeve, pocket, etc., you can use these by extracting to modify, create a new style.