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Richpeace Garment CAD V9.0 Commercial

  • SystemWindows XP/7/8/10
Richpeace Garment CAD V9.0 Commercial
Detailed Introduction

PDS module--Formula Design feature

Custom made formula design mode, capability for a huge library and size spec data on basic style instantly avaliable. Allow to save and modify the existing library data, shorten the pattern work for designer. Completely solve the routine job on designer and pattern designer. Simply and fast to create new size after a basic size has been made.

With state-of-the-art and intelligent automatic grading function, grading time can be instantly occured and construction lines can also be graded as well. The operator can be simultaneously checking the auto grading effect while doing the modification work. It makes effectively on doing the correction and greatly enhances the productivity.

Powerful parts associated modification function can change those associated parts simultaneously, without worring about the variation of corresponding dimensions.

Digital record function can recall any part of dimension data and modify it ar any time, changes can be done per the idea.

Compatible with Excel, specification edit in Excel can be imported to PDS system easily, export pattern information in the format of Excel.

Breakthrough Feature: Arc length parameter can be modified, such as armhole, pants inside seam and outside seam, etc.

Data in pic lib can be loaded to PDS interface easily.


DGS module--Free design

Customized Interface and User-defined toolbar can be set. Designer can set their own suitable working theme toolbar and degine their own user interface. It can be Menswear, Womenswear, Children wear, underwear and Skiwear toolbar etc.

Auto Design: Rich style library in the system, designer can call up the required library at anytime, as well as editing the figures. Anyone can make a new style in a short time, it improves he working efficiency and easier for the complicated design work.

Free Design: Designer can freely draw the pattern pieces with their own habit.

Powerful Intelligent Pen: Including more than 20 useful functions with this Intelligent Pen, no need to swap with other commands, able to complete a pattern draw shortly with this single command.

Professional Dart Transfer, box and knife pleat, flouncy tool, all those help designer can finish dart, pleat in a short time.

Pic lib: System is containing many sewing symbols and patterns. They are allowed calling up at anytime for the design work. Anyone can make their own library data with any new picture.

Compare patch work: Compare and rotate pattern, plus adding notch for two patterns at the same time. Make sure the sewing pieces matching perfectly.

Seam stitching: Many type of stitching data for choice. Able to modify the stitch parameters as well. Also can define stitch as requirement.

Camera input: Pattern pieces can be captured with digital camera input function and loaded to system in a short time.


Grading System

Many grade rules suitable for various styles according to their requirement.

Auto Grading: All the sizes will be auto graded regularly or irregularly after the Auto Design done.

Powerful point grading: Powerful copy and paste function, no need to care about the Plus or Minus sign, system will automatically detect it.

Assistant Line, Quilting Line, Sew Line Grading automatically. Reduce the operation process and improve working efficiency.

Arrow key grading: Pressing the up&down, left&right keys to have the real-time grading results. Distinguish larger or smaller sizes easily. Won't mess up with the scaling of sizes. Don't worry about the plus andminus values. Jump to next grading point promptly.

Shape and Height Grading: Deal with some pattern pieces containing larger curve or arc line, the Shape and Height Grading can be used in order to avoid shape change after grading.

For style with many cutting and sewing pieces, use the whole grading then separate them base on the assistant line.

Group Grading: A style with many group pieces can be using Group Grading. It is specially suitable for underwear or having many sizes variation children wear.

GMS Module--Garment Marker System

Auto nesting: High utilization marker can be done in a very short time. Dual interface work at the same time, allow operator to make a very effective nesting, improve the fabric utilization.

Manual Nesting: Manually overlap the patterns pieces and fine tuning a little bit, plus fully utilize the fabric edges, can achieve better utilization.

Cap nesting: Tailor-made marker solution for toy, glove, cap, and underwear industries.

Duplicate and reverse nesting: Duplicate with reverse the markers can achieve a higher  utilization.

Associate: After adding notches on graded pieces, some internal modification or dimension changes taken place, it automatically update the completed marker, no need to make the marker again. It saves a lot of time.

Strip and plaid material nesting: In order to achieve a higher utilization, during the nesting process, fabric image can be scanned in, to assist the operator to make a better marker.

Able to read HPGL format from others. Able to import HPGL and auto cutter file, make a new marker again.

Cut plan: the most useful function for cutting room. Quickly to calculate fabric consumption and pieces quantity. Increase productivity and fast reaction to market demand. Save time and money.

Provide solution for cutting plan on single fabric or multiple fabrics, put cutting to exact quantities and match to purchase order requirement.

Precisely calculate the fabric consumption before actual ordering of fabrics, prevent the problem on extra fabric storage or shortage of fabric during production.

All data of calculated fabric consumption can be printed or saved to file.

Distinguish pieces per variety of fabric: transform to sub-marker per the variation of the fabric users, such as color of fabric or material of fabric.



Supernest is international innovative technology. System can automatically finish one lay of marker in a very short period, the fabric utilization can be or even higher than the manual nesting. Specially prevent the horizontal & vertical shading, and mixed shading problem. It is possible to process multiple marker jobs in queque. Save time and improve productivity.

Rotation and flip restrictions according to fabric.

Slop allowandce.

Group Nesting.

Stripes & Plaids Nesting.