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  • SpeedMax 30-40 holes/second
  • Power3kW
  • VoltageAC220V±10%
1. Richpeace Automatic Pinhole Pattern Poking Machine, based on the product process of evening dress and wedding dress, relying on Richpeace Beading Dress CAD System, is a professional machine for the custom-made evening dress and wedding dress. The whole pattern-making and beading process is controlled by computer. It saved the labor cost, reduced working intensity and improved the quality of product.2. Another application is working with PLT format files generated by conventional garment CAD to be used in occasions with powder leakage technology, such as pure hand embroidery crafts.
Product Video
Product Introduction

1. Machine is gantry + platform structure , to keep material smooth  without displacement during operation. In addition, it cooperates  with the full servo control system to make the pinhole pattern  faster and more stable.

2. Based on the Richpeace Beading Dress CAD system, it can freely allocate and store a variety of design elements, automatically  calculate the materials to be using, so as to make the complex beading design easier and faster, and save labor costs.

3. Automatic feeding and collecting, and automatically pattern  marking after one-button files sending.

4. Supporting multi patterns splicing at length direction, and the  lines are accurately connected.

5. All processes are computer controlled. Accurate drawing, fast  pin-poking, minimizing the error rate of manual working, and  double efficiency than manual.

6. Richpeace Automatic Pinhole Pattern Poking Machine, easy to  operate and even punches(Pinhole density can be adjusted).  Compared with hand-made Pinhole pattern, its products have  the advantages of high precision and high quality, which has  created a new application concept for the dress, wedding dress  and pure handicraft industry.


Product Parameters


Size 700mm×1600mm (L×W)
Speed Max 30-40 holes/second
Power Supply AC220V±10%
Power 3kW
Installation Area 2100mm×2600mm×1300mm (L×W×H)
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Online Consultant