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Richpeace Fully Automatic Needle Bar Clutch Dual Color Sewing Machine


  • Speed2500 rpm, recommended 800-1500rpm for leather sewing
  • Voltage3 phase 380V 50/60HZ
Suitable for automatic sewing in the fields of upholstered furniture, home textiles, luggage, shoes, etc.
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Product Introduction

1. Richpeace Model III computer control system, friendly human-machine interface, flexible touch control, and large storage capacity, ensure high precision operation of the machine.

2. Independently driven 360° rotating head to avoid difference in quality of positive and reverse stitches.

3. Specially designed double needle presser feet to avoid damage or indentation to the fabric during the sewing process.

4. It can sew small-format pieces in single-frame cycle zero-waiting mode, or sew large-format pieces in double-frame linkage mode.

5. The twin needles can be used for separate sewing operations, or the dual needles can be used for simultaneous sewing operations, and can be applied to various double-color or single-color stitch sewing products.

6. Pneumatically lifted sewing head, within stroke of 50mm, convenient for frame changing, and conducive to step sewing and safe operation.

7. DLC treated needle bar and rotary hook shaft are more wearresistance and can satisfy high-speed running with less oil or no oil.

8. Automatic pneumatic thread trimming, upper thread breakage detection, bobbin thread counting, and tool template in place detection.

9. 15 inch high-definition industrial tablet, easy to operate.

10. Adopting a bridge structure, the overall structure is more stable and the sewing effect is more stable.

11. The servo motor drives the ball screw and linear guide rail to drive the machine head and rotary hook to move in the X direction, and the servo motor drives the screw module to move in the Y direction, ensuring stitch's high accuracy and stability.

12. The standard configuration is an imported leather machine rotary hook and bobbin case, which is suitable for sewing thick threads and reduces the problem of rotary hook and thread jamming.

13. Sewing head and rotary hook are independently controlled by separate servo motor, needle and hook independent-driven, which realized the functions of rotary hook automatic alignment and automatic position correction.

14. Optional Richpeace template CAD software, with arbitrary pattern design, simple and easy to learn.

15. Optional stainless steel countertops greatly improve the wear resistance and service life of the countertops.

16. Optional safety doors, light curtains and other protective devices are available to ensure safe production.

17. Optional three-color light alarm device.

Main Configuration


Product Parameters



Framing: 1200mm×700mmFrame closing: 2500mm×700mm

Speed 2500 rpm, recommended 800-1500rpm for leather sewing
Power Supply 3 phase 380V 50/60HZ
Installation Area