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Richpeace Automatic Arbitrary Rotary Single Needle Leather Sewing Machine (Horizontal hook)

    RPAS-L-R-1-900×600-A-IS2.6-HR2.6-LH50, RH, UTC-1P220

    RPAS-L-R-1-1200×800-A-IS2.6-HR2.6-LH50, RH, UTC-1P220

  • Speed2500rpm, 800-1200rpm recommended for leather
  • Power2-3kW
Suitable for automated leather sewing in fields such as car seats, car interiors, aviation seats, and interiors.
Product Video
Product Introduction

1. Brand-new upgradation of triple lead-screw driving, dynamic positioning makes more accurate. 

2. Richpeace Model Ⅲ Sewing Control System, ARM core + LINUX system. 

3. 15-inch HD industry panel, easy operation. 

4. New integrated sewing head, compact and elegant design, with built-in lighting system for easy maintenance and adjustment. 

5. Sewing head can rotate arbitrarily, avoiding difference between forward and reverse stitches, high efficiency and better performance. 

6. Pneumatic lifting sewing head within stroke of 50mm, easy to change frame and conducive for jump sewing. 

7. 2.6X professional horizontal rotary hook ensures perfect stitching; large bobbin capacity reduces bobbin-changing frequency and improves efficiency. 

8. Gantry synchronization technology distributes frame driving power scientifically, and makes frame moving more timely and accurately.

9. Full servo driving and high-precision rail transmission ensure accurate pattern stitching. 

10. DLC treated needle bar and rotary hook shaft are more wearresistance and can satisfy high-speed running with less oil or no oil. 

11. Electromagnetic cam thread trimming, high efficiency and more reliable. 

12. Upper thread breakage detection, bobbin thread counting. 

13. Adopting screw guide slide, it has high positioning accuracy, low friction, high rigidity, and strong load capacity, which can achieve precise positioning. 

14. SMC atomized lubricating to the main driving parts and components. 

15. The two side platens adopt a flipping design, which reduces the volume when placed down and facilitates transportation and handling. 

16. Patterns read in USB port, large stitches storage. 

17. Standard configured stainless steel table, strong and durable. 

18. Optional Richpeace Auto-Sew CAD, any designs can be made, simple and easy to learn.

Main Configurations

RFID Scanner/Bar Code Scanner(Either one; default of RFID scanner)

Frame Fixing:Pressing type/Hooking type(Either one; default of Hooking type.)

Folding table

Customized fixture(Option)

Product Parameters

RPAS-L-R-1-900×600-A-IS2.6-HR2.6-LH50, RH, UTC-1P220

RPAS-L-R-1-1200×800-A-IS2.6-HR2.6-LH50, RH, UTC-1P220




Speed 2500rpm, 800-1200rpm recommended for leather
Power 2-3kW
Installation Area